Wedding Week :: Bride + Groom

“Hi, Honey.”

So much build up for the first look, and those words were all I could think of to whisper while tapping Doug’s shoulder as he turned around. Somehow, they now seem perfect considering the fact that there are no words to describe seeing your groom for the first time on the day you’ll be married. Aside from “I love you” a million times over, all other words seemed superfluous at such a moment. 

After the first look and a few moments to ourselves, more photos ensued. We wanted to enjoy the cocktail hour between the upcoming ceremony and reception, so we chose to do all the portrait photography prior to the ceremony, which I’m happy we did because the post-ceremony events were then relaxed and easy. 
Willow Harbor Vineyards was an amazing venue for many reasons, the primary one being the setting we were in. Rows and rows of grapevines were met with a tree-lined skyline and sunny skies. It was early June and the vine leaves were just beginning to bud, so green was literally everywhere you looked. To get married there was a dream, and we were right in the heart of it, giddy with the excitement of it all. 

Since Wedding Week kicked off Monday, I’ve had many people email asking who designed my dress. As promised, here’s the scoop! The dress line is Tara Keely, made by designer Lazaro Perez. When searching for wedding dresses, the Tara Keely line held most of my top picks. I love the silhouette-focused and romantic shapes that were consistent across the board. The line is described as “glamour with an unmistakable twist of modern sophistication”, which I think describes my dress perfectly. 
Where did I get it? Macy’s. I kid you not, I went to around 10 bridal boutiques around Michigan and Chicago, and Macy’s Bridal Salon held all of my top picks. I feel rude saying I was surprised, but in all honesty, I was. 
For jewelry, I checked off the range of “Something borrowed, blue, old and new.” My diamond and pearl earrings were borrowed from my mom, the bracelets I wore were vintage from my grandmothers who’ve since passed, my wedding band was brand new, and my bouquet held a bluebird of hope, which was a gift from my grandmother’s sister from when she moved to American from Australia in the 1940’s. 
Doug’s details were a bit more simple, but of course still dapper. His suit, and all the groomsmen suits, were from Jos. A. Bank. We loved how the suit fit – it was trim and classic – and the color of gray was perfect. {On that note, I never knew there were so many gray options for suits! It was actually pretty hard to find the right shade.}
To separate him from the rest of the groomsmen in gingham ties, his tie was a solid gray that was lighter than the suit itself. He wore a tie clip that matched the groomsmen gift that the wedding party wore, and his boutonniere, was a larger flower than the rest as well. 

All photos via George Street Photo

…And that, my friends, is how “The Charrons” made our big debut!


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17 thoughts on “Wedding Week :: Bride + Groom

  1. Kelsey

    Wow would’ve never guessed that your dress is from Macys, it’s so elegant and beautiful (not that Macy’s isn’t). Is Macys Bridal Salon its own store or is it just an area within certain Macys stores?

  2. Karly @ Miss in the Midwest

    I cannot get over how stunning of a bride you were and how beautiful your pictures are! My husband and I opted for the traditional route and didn’t see each other until I was walking down the aisle, which is something I truly never will forget. We had a similar exchange of just “hi!” when I finally got to him. 🙂

  3. aka Bailey

    Ahhh, these photos are so beautiful! Your dress is just like out of a movie or fairytale. One of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen! Quite the handsome couple 🙂


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