One for you, One for me

Scarf: Reversible tartan print wool scarf. Also love this version! | Jeans: Everlane high-rise skinny in dark indigo | Jacket: Downtown field jacket. Also love this quilted option! | Shoes: Everlane modern loafers in black | Earrings: Garden girl earrings in black

Anyone else the type of gifter who can’t help but fall into the “One for you, one for me” approach during the season? Guilty as charged.

I like to think that the gifts I pick out are just that good (Glass half full), or is it perhaps that my weakness for all things retail has gone to an extreme level (Glass half empty)? Whatever the case, I’ve been riding that train on occasion, especially when said gifts are so perfect for the season, like this tartan plaid scarf.

I actually was the lucky receiver of it at a holiday secret santa gathering. When I first claimed it as mine, I was intending to be selfless, save a little cash, and re-gift it because it was so cute. Which all lasted approximately 15 minutes, because quickly I caved in, wore it home, and proceeded to purchase a handful as gifts for others that evening, likely while still tipsy off the wine consumed from the party before. Whoops. 

…And so it goes, right? I couldn’t help it! It’s so warm, and I just adore the colors and print of it. (Spoiler alter: You may even see it pop up in our family’s yearly holiday photo. Be on the lookout!)

To pair with this lovely beaut, I went simple, which I often find makes the most well-rounded outfit. High-rise skinny jeans (love the shape of these!), my modern loafers (a wardrobe must – order a size up!), a classic white t, versatile field jacket, and “Garden girl” earrings (SO PRETTY in person!)

In case you didn’t see through this post, I will address elephant on the screen. Yes, it’s my official attempt at justifying my impulse behavior.

‘Tis the season, after all.  😉

Tell me I’m not the only one! What gifts this year have you gifted yourself? Be honest! 😉


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