Saltwater Sperrys In Snow

Pants: Pilcro Corduroy High-Rise Skinny Jeans. Currently available in white (and on sale!) These are also great options and come in a ton of colors. | Shirt: Everlane Relaxed Poplin Button Down | Boots: Sperry Saltwater Duck Boot. Comes in 3 colors and ideal for rain or snow! | Hat: J.Crew Ribbed Beanie  | Socks: Camp socks – so comfortable and warm!

Alright, so I’m late to the party. (Those who know me aren’t shocked, I know.) Still fashionably late, mind you, but late nonetheless.

You see, I’ve eyed the Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots for a long time, and for some reason or another never committed to them. I honestly have no idea why because I love them, especially when paired with chunky socks. Perhaps because I’ve always envisioned them worn with a cool-morning ocean breeze, and given I’m sans saltwater over here, I was holding out.

Anywho, it took a desperado Doug, who didn’t know what to get me for Christmas until I spelled SPERRY out for him, to get these into my closet. Now I’m hooked and my only regret is not buying them (er…politely suggesting them to “Santa”) sooner.

By the way, it feels weird to talk about Santa in January, yes? I mean he’s probably in, like, Mexico on a beach right now and definitely is not thinking about presents anymore. Lucky duck. (Am I the only one who saw the pun in that? Lucky duck…post on duck boots…Har har.)

I love them for some of the same reasons I love my Hunter Boots: They’re waterproof, great for rain and snow, and their traction-grip is on point.  But I also love them for other reasons, too. They’re lined with fleece, making them warmer than my hunters, and I love their adaptability. Every time I’ve worn them I’ve literally thrown them on without much thought, and they still look great.

I know, I know…how basic of me to talk about duck boots in winter. You know what I’ve got to say to that? At least I’m not talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes being on the outs. #Word

So, shoes aside, how is life? Updates on my end: I’d give the past week a 6 out of 10, mainly on behalf of being covered in snot for most of it. Both girls are still getting over their colds and, well, let’s just say I actually questioned if I should bathe in Purell. (Answer: No…Okay, fine, maybe.)

A bit behind over here (If I had a penny every time I said that…) but so it goes. This past week was filled with lots of driving (Had a day where I drove a collective 6 hours to and from Peoria), work projects, and kiddo cuddles to get them better. We all finally were on the up and up late in the week, and had a fun weekend where my parents came in, Doug and I had a double date night with our friends Al and Becca, I had brunch with some blogging girlfriends (more on that in another post!), and we went to Dave and Liz’s for dinner. But, now Dougy is sick with the flu, so we’re in for another round of rest, rest, rest.

I blame it on the weather — all this yo-yo’ing is hard to keep up with. This season can be a doozy, right?! It really does seem that when it rains it pours. But, things to consider, what do they say when it snows?! “Time to put on your duck boots”, obviously. See how I brought that all full circle?

…I think a vacation is in order. Perhaps I’ll wear my saltwater Sperrys near the ocean, after all. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Saltwater Sperrys In Snow

  1. Talktomyshoes

    Love those Sperry boots! I’ve never tried Sperry winter boots but will have to keep my eyes peeled for some. I know I have been rockin’ my Uggs (in all styles) and classic Sorrels since like… the day I was born. But I think you are on to something here!
    Cheers and looking forward to another visit!

  2. Lindsay

    I didn’t have a great experience with the Sperry boots that I ordered and actually sent them back and ordered a pair of gortex and thinsulate l.l.bean boots. I love them and always feel prepared for the snow/wet.


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