Pops of Green

I know I should be thinking about boxes. Packing them, moving them and unpacking them should be the main thing on my mind with our big apartment move quickly approaching next weekend. (Right?! So fast.) But as I skip about my apartment, loading all our things up, my hands somehow keep reaching for the computer….they start typing away…searching for decor ideas…all of a sudden I’m diving into a world of interior design as I contemplate how to set up our new place. It’s not my fault, really. I blame Pinterest.

One of the main things I’ve been contemplating is how to utilize our leather green couch to our new apartment’s advantage. It’s a tricky color, you see, and the opportunities are truly endless. As I narrow down some options, I find myself continually gravitating toward pairing it with bright pops of color like coral or assorted green/blue tones. It creates such a fun, vibrant look for a room, which is exactly how I’d love our new place to be.

Decor Inspiration_Touches of Green in interior design:: Sources :: Belle Maison | Fashion Online Mag | Recycled Interiors | Mail Online | Style Me Pretty 

What do you think? Too loud, or just right? Any other ideas on what looks great with green?



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5 thoughts on “Pops of Green

  1. jillian

    i love the idea of focusing on one color in a room. we have lots of navy in our bedroom and bright red chairs in our living room. i think a pop of green would be fun and fresh 🙂 and you can accessorize with plants! xo jillian


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