We Are All Authors, You Know.

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I was reading Man Repeller the other day, and came across a reader question to Leandra. “I’m afraid I’m never going to amount to anything — that I’ll never become who I’m meant to be. Help. Signed, Scared”

Signed….Emily?! Though I didn’t write the inquiry, I had to question whether or not its author took a step inside my mind, said “Yup, same” to the thoughts that often fly around on the daily, and focused them into one concise query for good measure.

That was a lot to follow, but you get what I mean, right?

Is it restlessness? Nah, that doesn’t sound right. We’ll sum it into “life fear”. I somewhat broached this feeling in this post, written when I turned 30. I remember thinking about all the things that I wanted to do in both the immediate and distant future; of all the dreams I’d start acting on *now* before it was all too late. That was over a year ago. Many of those thoughts and dreams are still present. And, yet, life happened. More than 365 days later, many of those same thoughts are still just in the fruition phase.

All that action I promised myself I’d take still remains to be done. I think about that, and am saddened. I can’t help but feel remorse at some of the action I didn’t take. Though, when I step back and think about our past year, honestly I don’t know how much more I could be doing.

What’s that saying? In between a rock and a hard place? That’s where I feel stuck.

It’s not to say I’m not proud of all that has been accomplished. Particularly with my family, I’m so crazy proud of the little humans Doug and I have created and are raising. But, personal goal wise, I’ll be honest with you: I haven’t gotten to explore some of the idea areas that I’ve been wanting to. And those ideas are starting to itch more and more.

Life is busy. Add on “following your dreams” to it all, and things just get really complicated. There simply are not enough hours in a day. Will there ever be?

I think this feeling is something we can all relate to. What if I don’t ever do what I’m meant to? What am I meant to do? What if I become…a nobody?

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Leandra’s answer to the question at hand was like a big breath of fresh air.

We are all authors, you know. We write the stories of our lives and in doing so, either pen them in the ink of love or fear. If we’re writing out of love, we’re building in the direction that our dreams are willing to take us, but if we’re writing in fear, we’re constantly focused on what we don’t want instead of what we do. This focus, of course, only brings us closer to what we don’t want, so I encourage you to tap into your power as an author. Forget about who you’re not meant to be. Who are you meant to be? No one can answer that question, or act it out, but you. Dream it out! You have nothing to lose. And if you just can’t shake that half-empty glass of your potential on your night table, drain that shit and refill it. Simple as that.”

Her words made me stop and think. What have I not been doing? Where can I prioritize better? Though time is limited, what can I do more of, even if it means stealing little moments on the side, to help chip my way closer to some of those ideas swirling around?

I found her words motivating, and immediately went from feeling frustrated to inspired. The end of the year certainly has a way of bringing reflection forward. And with that, I’ve been pressing pause lately to allow myself to think through — really think through — what these big dreams are and how to make them happen.

It’s time to get motivated. It’s time to do.

After all, we’re all somebody. No one is a nobody. All of our dreams are worth exploring. If you have a few swirling, and have been frustrated lately because of not knowing quite where to start, know that I’m with you. It’s time to “Dream it out”, as Leandra says, and take that fear and turn it into action. Most importantly, it’s time to pen the story of our lives out of love.


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6 thoughts on “We Are All Authors, You Know.

  1. Kelly

    Emily I loved this. 🙂 This is everything I’ve feeling right now — thank you for gracefully putting my emotions into words. <3

  2. Rachel

    I feel this way often (and lately, actually), too! I’ve been neglecting my blog recently and I know I’m just missing out on a lot of opportunities because of it. But work and personal life are more important right now, so blogging has to take a back seat.

    1. Emily | Isn't That Charming Post author

      Ah, yes. I feel you on the blogging front. Every week I have big goals of getting out a post a day, and yet I often find it’s all I can do to get out a few a week. It’s hard to find the time for it all! I’ve been trying to be more forgiving of myself with this space in particular, because when it starts to become an obligation, the passion starts to be removed from it, you know? Ultimately, like you, I’ve found that personal and work life have to take priority. I hope you’re able to find better balance going into 2018 – I’m right there with you!


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