No More Rainy Hair Days

When it rains it pours, and there’s nothing like curling up with a messy bun and your comfiest clothes to embrace a lazy day indoors. Unfortunately, the reality is that rain happens on days beyond the weekend, when taking things slow and simple isn’t always in the cards. Sometimes, we’ve gotta get up and go. We gotta power through the downfall to work and other such obligations. And those messy buns and sweats? They’re not so cute in important meetings. Your boss agrees.

Hairstyles for rainy hair days

Hairstyles for rainy days

On such days, you often need a little inspiration, particularly in the hair department. To bring you just that, Katie, Rachel, and I teamed up with the talented Maritza of Beauty for Bloggers, who did a style for each of us that was perfect for unavoidable springtime rainy days. We were so honored with Camille Styles picked up our fun photo shoot on her site! (Psst – A huge thanks to Cassandra Monroe for her amazing photography!)

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Check out a quick and easy how-to for my style below, and be sure to swing by Katie and Rachel’s blogs for the low down on their looks as well!

My look was a chic, messy french twist. One tip that Maritza had while doing it was to twist your hair at the nape of your neck and pin upwards into place — leaving the ends loose — giving the back and top of your head some organic volume. I love the classic yet modern look that this gave!

Below are step by step photos. See? It’s so easy!

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All photography by Cassandra Monroe


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8 thoughts on “No More Rainy Hair Days

  1. Julia Bradbury

    What gorgeous photos, your rainy day hairstyles are perfect for wet weather and to complete the picture you’ve all got your Wellies on.


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