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She-is-quick-and-curious-and-playful-and-strongHappy Monday, my dears! I’ve got a little update on the personal front that I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you. Today is a big day for me as I’m embarking on a big life move.

Fashion blogger in Chicago_How to style scarves_Top US Fashion Blogger_Isnt That charming-1If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Jan 4 was my last day at DDB. Today, I start a fresh adventure in a new position at McDonald’s Corporation! For 4 years I’ve been helping to spearhead all things social on the agency side, and I’m officially making the transition to client side, helping to guide national social media campaigns and content for the brand. Can I get a collective “i’m lovin it” and perhaps a little “Ba da ba ba ba?!”

Emily_PinkDress_9 copy

The move to go client side wasn’t one that I took lightly. I loved my team at DDB, especially my work wife Maya (Hi girl, love yew!), and as a whole it’s been the best place I’ve ever worked. But, when life hands you big opportunities, you take them. And this was a big one indeed.

A new job is always a bit scary, but I’ve got to tell you, I’m more excited than anything. It was sad to leave DDB, but the calmness that I had while walking out the door tells me that I was ready. I’m looking forward to continuing what I moved to Chicago for in the first place – new experiences, new perspectives, and the opportunity to keep learning and growing. This new role will not doubt be all that and more.

Wish me luck! xx


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10 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. Rachel

    Congrats on the new gig! I always thought it was so cool that you and Maya worked together, as a sidenote. Does this mean free McDonald’s for life? 😛

  2. Maggie

    Congrats on your new job at Mickey D’s! I found your blog several months ago and have enjoyed reading about your experience as a new mom as I am also a new mom living in Chicago – my daughter was born in September! I have been with McDonald’s (in finance) for over 5 years and really love it! Good luck in you new position! ?

    1. emilycharron Post author

      Oh my gosh, how amazing! What a small world. If you don’t mind shooting me an email, I’d love to grab coffee sometime! Thanks for your kind words about my blog – I’m so happy you have enjoyed reading.


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