Garden-Themed Wedding Shower

I now know why people say getting married is one of the most special times of life. Not only are you venturing into a new phase, but to prepare you for that journey, you’re surrounded by the people that mean the most to you. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude at my first shower {Check out the recap here}, and my second shower, hosted by my mom’s best friends and my step-mom, was no different.

I prepared a little speech for the ladies at the shower, and in doing so, reflected a lot on who all would be there. People came from near and far — Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois — and I wanted to make sure that between all the attendees, and the hostesses who had worked so hard to throw the event, my thanks was well said. During this reflection, I kept coming back to one key notion: The importance of female relationships in life. The amount of support and kindness that the women in my life have shown, not only during the wedding process but throughout my life, is truly amazing. It’s not that it took a shower for me to know this, it just was a great opportunity to reflect and appreciate this notion.

My love for all the women in my life grew taller that day. I didn’t think it was possible, but it did.

But enough about the emotional stuff. There was a heck of a lot of fun involved too. {Minus my shaky-voiced, teary eyed speech that I could barely get through.} The ladies that threw the shower had a fabulous “Around The House” theme, in which the whole garden aspect was fabulously played up to the max.

My favorite part of the decor were the adorable watering pails that the centerpiece flowers sat in. Wedding spoiler alert: Thoughtfully, the flowers were all the colors of my wedding in two weeks. It was a preview that made me suuuper excited for the big day.

Another highlight? My moms, bridesmaids and I had name tags that were accompanied by darling bud holders, made from recycled silverware.

Of course, the best highlight was the people that came. Care to meet a few?

My Co-MOH’s and I. 
Hey, Mama!
{Left} My step-mom, dad and I.
{Right} My mom, step-dad and I.
All my faves.
AKA the best people on earth.
My adorable Australian grandma who made the event at 95 years old!
{Left} My step-sisters, enjoying the bridal games.
{Right} A few of the hostesses – Darlene, Val, Tracy & Karen.
My hubbe-to-be and I opening the gifts.

…And there were games. For anyone who is looking to host a shower, bookmark this post! These three made the event so much fun and were a great way for everyone to participate.

The hostesses had Doug and I sit back-to-back. We each held a shoe of our own, and the other person’s shoe. When a question was asked (i.e. Who is the most frugal? Who is most likely to go to bed early?} we raised the shoe that we thought was most fitting. It was hysterical to see the answers. 
These questions met guests as they sat down to their seat. After everyone filled it out, I read my answers to the group. The winner won a little prize!
Each table chose a girl to dress up as a toilet paper bride. I chose the winner, which clearly was Mime.

To the women who hosted the shower: Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was perfect in every single way. A huge thanks to Leon Halip, who helped to capture the day. {Side note: Swing by his site – he’s a big sports photographer in Detroit and has some amazing work!}

Be sure to swing by tomorrow, when I’ll tell you all about the dress I wore {Hint: It’s from Etsy} and show a few engagement photos of Doug and I!


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  1. Alyssa

    What a special event–you looked amazing, and I’m so happy to hear how loved you felt. You deserve it! I can’t believe you’re getting married so soon!

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