30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

Kick starting this post with a news flash for you: We’re halfway through October. I’m going to let that simmer for a moment as I have a mini panic attack over here. How is that possible?!

Isn’t it weird to think that 2018 is about 2 months away? And that the holidays are just around the corner?! Insanity, I tell you.

Today, I’m kicking off the week with what was a really fun post to write. 30 facts you didn’t know about me! I’ve seen these types of posts pop up from other bloggers I follow and thought it’d be a fresh approach to take. Why 30? No reason! I started writing trail-of-thought facts, and that’s where I stopped.

Here we go! 

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 30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I’m a lyric freak and can know the words to a song after only hearing it a few times.

2. My favorite lyricist is John Mayer.

3. I always save 10% of my paychecks. More if circumstances allow! (Thanks, Dad, for drilling that into habit.)

4. While I appreciate nice cars, I don’t care at ALL what I drive because the city tends to beat them up anyways. (My car was actually stolen from outside my building in the second year I lived in Chicago!) Which explains why we’re the third owners of a beat up Honda, driven through a store front window by its previous owner, that still has a “My child is an honor role student at Niles North High School” bumper sticker. (We keep it on for comedic value.)

5. I am obsessed with La Croix and credit the drink to being my main source of hydration.

6. I am equally obsessed with coffee and wine.

7. We eat a lot of vegan food at home. But, I love me a delicious, juicy burger or crispy bacon on occasion. 8. Doug and I have been together since we were 19 years old. He was then, and remains now, my best friend and person that I have the most fun with.

9. Kanye West once pitched a business idea to a few coworkers and I. (Doug was there, too! As was Scooter Braun, who is most famous for discovering Justin Bieber.) We were backstage at his concert last year, in his dressing room, and I was basically peeing my pants the entire time. #ZeroChill

10. I never knew my grandma, Mary Kay, because she passed away when I was a baby. But I feel a strong connection with her regardless. In fact, Gracie’s middle name is after her.

11. My cousin Kristin dreamt that I was pregnant one night. “Are you pregnant?”, she texted, and my reply was, “What?! No!” The next day I took a test and found out I was 4 weeks along with Josephine.

12. I had ACL surgery on my right knee when I was 16. I tore it while running after a foul ball during a high school basketball game.

13. I’m Dutch. Relatives on both of my parent’s sides came to the U.S. from the Netherlands in the mid-1900s. A little Irish is in the mix, too. I’m really proud of my heritage and would love to do a tour of the Netherlands one day.

14. I was so skinny as a teenager and got made fun of a lot because of it. While in middle school, I remember eating sticks of butter while crying, to try and put on weight.

15. I’m still breastfeeding Jo, and because of her cow’s milk allergy, haven’t ate dairy in 5 months. I really miss cheese. 16. While I like working, I miss my girls during the day. For this reason, nights are so precious for our family. It’s a very rare occasion that I’ll say yes to anything after work – usually I rush home to soak in a few hours with them before they go to bed.

17. The older I get, the more of a homebody I become. I prefer a quiet night in over going out, hands down.

18. One of my best friends and I grew up next door to one another. (Hi, Jess!) We used to sneak out of our houses and meet at a rock that was in the middle of our lawns to star gaze. I look back on that now and think of how sweet and innocent that was. I hope my girls have friends like that growing up, and I hope if they sneak out, it’s to star gaze.

19. …Don’t let me fool you, though. I got in trouble in high school, sometimes for sneaking out, and the reasons weren’t always so innocent. (Ha!)

20. I f*$@&^g love to dance. Even though I look ridiculous while doing it.

21. I feel most at peace near the water, and whether it’s the rain or waves, it’s my favorite sound.

22. One of my life goals is to write a book. Also, I’d also love to practice professional photography one day. (Though I know I have SO much to learn in both areas!)

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23. I’m a terrible cook.

24. I’m fiercely loyal. If you’re one of my people, you’re one of my people until the end.

25. Though I work in social media, I find it exhausting and often need breaks from it. I tend to view even my personal channels through a marketing lens.

26. Doug and I want to visit every state together. We’re about halfway through!

27. I worry about my girls growing up having their photos and personal lives shared online by me. I’ve become hyper conscious of (what I hope is) tastefully sharing vs. oversharing when it comes to our family. Most of the photos and videos I take of them are found in an iPhoto stream that is shared by close friends and family.

28. Being a mother has made me more laid back. Things that used to bother me no longer seem like issues at all.

29. Jelly Belly is my favorite candy. I eat them two at a time. (Same flavor!)

30. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m someone who’s filled with contradictions. I’m learning to embrace it. 😉

Now it’s your turn! What are some fun facts about you? I’d love to get to know you more; leave some thoughts in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. Britney Crawley

    Love that skirt on you! What a steal at $40! So good for you to give up dairy while breastfeeding. My friend had to do the same, and it was tough for her but so worth it. And how crazy that your cousin had a dream you were pregnant and it ended up being true! I was thinking of doing a 29 things about me post for my 29th birthday the other week, but I wasn’t feeling creative enough to come up with that many things! It’s harder than it seems!

  2. Amanda Howard

    I’m with you all the way with things that used to bother you pre motherhood just not anymore – I just don’t have the time or energy! Being a mummy totally puts everything into perspective! Thanks for sharing these things – such a great post!


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