On An Average Day

The sequence of this particular Sunday’s events went like this: Woke up with Doug, decided to grab brunch, threw on clothes, headed out the door. The entire process took 10 minutes tops, and the result was a fairly average outfit in which little to no thought was put against it.

Then, I realized something.Henri Bendel Purse Henri Bendel Purse, Pregnancy Style Pregnancy style, Lifestyle blogger and hat

On this blog, I tend to focus outfit posts on those days when looks have been more calculated, more thought out, and I don’t always highlight the average days that make up the bulk of life. Which is silly, really, because I don’t see this as a fashion blog or even one where style is preached. I see this blog as a documentation of an average city girl’s life, who happens to like sharing and chatting style, but doesn’t necessarily want to be a slave to it.

And so, these photos were snapped. On an average Sunday, going to brunch, with no particular agenda or reason. Because style is for the days where things are more thought out and for the days when you hop out of bed and grab brunch on the fly.

Pregnancy Style_Top Bloggers in USA-3 Pregnancy Style_Top Bloggers in USA-6Now for some outfit details!

These maternity jeans have been on literal constant rotation lately since they’re so comfortable. I paired them with a loose Gap sweater, which is perfect for lazy days now but could also work over shorts or cute leggings after the baby is born. You’ve seen these boots before, just recently in this post, which are from TJ Maxx but these ones from ASOS are similar. The hat is from ShopBop and is a go-to staple item that I love for its ability to immediately funkify an outfit. Because who doesn’t love a little funk on a Sunday?

The purse is Henri Bendel and has been another everyday constant of mine. I know you can’t smell through the screen, which is a shame because despite my rushed getting ready efforts, I smelled fabulous. Seriously. I was wearing Henri Bendel’s Suite 712, which is nice and light for Spring.

…And there you have it! A rushed outfit on a casual Sunday that’s a great reflection of an average day in the life. What are your everyday style staples?


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9 thoughts on “On An Average Day

  1. Sarah Lagen

    I’ve been looking for an over sized sweater like this for a while! It looks great on you and you look real comfortable! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Karly

    Love this! You never would know the difference if you planned this out or threw it on – you’re just that stylish anyways. 🙂

  3. Heidi

    I love this post and totally agree, sometimes style is calculated but sometimes it just happens! Love those days:) I have an amazing giveaway up on my blog, I hope you’ll check it out!

    Wishes & Reality


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