Families Belong Together: How You Can Help

This week, a topic has been weighing heavy on us all. At our US borders, children were separated from their families at US borders. I know I’m not the only one who’s felt ill watching the information unfold. Helpless children, crying and scared, torn from their parents. Laying on concrete floors. Many sick, mentally traumatized, thousands of miles from their families with no word on when they’ll be united again.

It’s not just wrong, it’s tragic.

I try to shy away from political topics here, but honestly, to me, this transcends political party affiliation. Regardless of who you voted for or where you stand on immigration, to take children from their families is inhumane. Families belong together. This is a humanitarian issue.

While an executive order was signed to keep more immigrant families together,  there are still thousands who are torn apart with no plan of action on how they’ll be reunited. That’s thousands of still-scared children and parents who have been traumatized and with extremely limited resources to help.

If you’re interested in taking action, here are a few articles that I found helpful and informative: TIME, A Cup of Jo and Mother.ly. All of those lay out some amazing ways to help! If you are in a position to be able to give financially, there are some great organizations who are providing help to these families, who have limited resources, and I encourage you to join me in donating to organizations like RAICES and ACLU. (Every little bit counts!)

Sending love to you all!


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2 thoughts on “Families Belong Together: How You Can Help

  1. jillian

    I agree 100%!!!! the whole thing absolutely breaks my heart. thank you for sharing. xo

  2. Brigid

    YES! Thank you for using your platform to speak up about the absolute heartbreaking (and infuriating) issues at our border. I cry every time I think about it or try to talk about it with my husband or family. I cry, and then I donate to RAICES. I cry, and then I order off the registry from Baby2Baby.

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