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What are the little, nothing moments that make up your relationship? The other day, Doug sent me a link to a comic series by Philippa Rice that made me think about this. Sunshine-on-the-beachOne of the things that comes to mind when I think about our unique “nothing moments” is our morning coffee ritual. We both love french-pressed coffee, so one of us will usually kick start the morning with a kettle of water on the stove. Slowly it’ll start to boil, and then the high-pitched ring of the water being ready will go off after a few minutes. Usually, the person who put the water on the stove will be dressing Gracie, so the other will turn the stove off and make the coffee. Then two cups are poured and we’ll enjoy while getting ready for the day.

It’s a simple, small, tag-team effort that has become a regular part of our day.

When I thought about our unique moments, I realized just how many we have. Silly things, like how Doug lets me pick out the movies we watch even though I fall asleep during 95% of them. How he’ll grab me a La Croix when he gets one too, because he knows I’ll never turn one down. How I always end up on his side of the bed, sharing his pillow. How, after Gracie has been fed in the morning, I’ll bring her into our room to wake up Doug with her gummy smile. How we rub bellies as a point of affection. (I know…that one’s weird. I honestly don’t even remember how that began!)

I love those little moments, and when I stop to think about them, feel so grateful for this everday love.

Below are some of my favorite illustrations from the link he sent me. Be sure to swing by and check out the rest! The artist does a great job at showing how the small, seemingly inconsequential moments really are the ones that make the strongest foundation.

Philippa-Rice_Comics_everyday-love_1 Philippa-Rice_Everyday-love_3 Philippa-Rice_Everyday-love_4 Philippa-Rice_Everyday-Love_Comics_2 Philippa-Rice_Everyday-love


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5 thoughts on “Everyday Love Moments

  1. Kara

    Thanks for the reminder, I just sent a couple of texts to my boyfriend about our unique moments. It put a smile on my face and I know it will his too 🙂

  2. Erin M Bassett

    Adorable. Over the last few weeks Danny and I have made a focus on creating more little moments and even if we’re just reading next to each other in bed I feel so much closer to him. Your life is about what you do everyday and little expressions of love are so important. You and Doug are such good examples too.


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