Destination: Puerto Rico

Remember when Doug and I were wrestling on whether to splurge or save for our honeymoon? We loved the idea of going somewhere far away like Thailand, but don’t have the funds right now to cover it. Then we thought, why not take a honeymoon months later so we can save? But, the more we thought about the logistics and timing, the more we loved the idea of getting married and departing for our destination immediately following the wedding. There’s just something so romantic about being whisked away.

So then we were considering domestic destinations — places like the Grand Canyon or Napa Valley. Most of those ideas were killed with logistics. The first hurdle: Jasmine. Jasmine is our 12 year old car that is a reliable beauty but not one for long road trips, so that idea was nixed. The second hurdle: Plane flights. I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or if they’re just so popular, but the plane tickets for places we were looking up were crazy.

Then, we found a gem. One that meets our need for a budget-savvy trip while also allowing for both adventure and relaxation. One that is in the caribbean and the trip of a lifetime, but since it’s off season we got amazing flight deals. One that has plenty of Air B&B options to choose from, so our stay will be comfortable and affordable. It’s….drumroll please….Puerto Rico!

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We’ll be honeymooning for 10 days on this fabulous island and have such a fun agenda in the works. On the line up is exploring San Juan, a night in the El Yunque rainforest, and relaxing on the beach-filled island of Vieques. I maaaay be so excited that I’m almost done packing. True story.

With that said, I’d love your help and recommendations! Have you been to Puerto Rico before? Any restaurants that we need to eat at, places that we should explore, or excursions we need to go on? I’ve heard that swimming in the waterfalls of El Yunque rainforest is a must, and so is swimming in the bioluminescent bay. We love exploring new places, so any ideas you have would be so appreciated!


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13 thoughts on “Destination: Puerto Rico

  1. Alyssa

    You’re going to LOVE Puerto Rico–I know tons of people who have gone. Glad you guys landed on something that gives you the best of both worlds!

  2. Glorymar Figueroa

    I live in Puerto Rico! The Yunque is a must! As the bioluminescent bay. As for the Restaurants, In San Juan: Vaca Brava is a must! Really good Can Can pork chops! and Arroz Mampostiao. Also, you could go to the Old Harbor Brewery! Where the catch of the day is always awesome and if you like beer, they have their own. Try the Maví. If you can go to The Camuy Caves, Cueva del Indio and Cueva Ventana, go! They are awesome and incredible beauties! Have fun! And it is very very hot!

  3. Arin {Heart of Chic}

    so excited for you emily! you are going to have the best time ever! i can’t offer any suggestions since i’ve never been — but, i will say — try to spend at least 1/2 your trip doing absolutely nothing! lounging beachside with a big margarita sounds like perfection right about now!

  4. Rosabel Mejia

    For it being a small island it has soo much and English will not be a problem. It is a spoken language in the island, pretty much everyone speaks it. If you can check out Flamenco Island. Puerto Rico has a lot of islands, even Gilligans island. They are amazing! Flamenco has been on the world records for best beaches numerous times. Eat bacalaitos, alcapurias, mofongo, have a piña colada (home of the piña colada) and yes mavi too. It’s strong enough to get you tipsy. Also beer in Puerto Rico is very cheap. Make sure to enjoy a Medalla. Enjoy the island. It truly is a beauty, a hidden paradise island.


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