Dance. Sing. Lolla.

We came. We saw. We conquered. And that, my friends, is how Lollapalooza is done.

After 5 consecutive years, you think I’d be sick of Lollapalooza, but every year I walk away excited for the next. Everyone’s heard the hype, but until you go and experience it, it’s seemingly just another concert. I had the pleasure of attending this year with Doug’s adorable parents, who were first timers, and it was so fun to show them the ropes. 
One thing that you forget after going for so many years is the impressive amount of people packed into Grant Park, all there to enjoy the scene. There was a really cool moment when our group walked up to a large open area engulfed by sea of people, and all (literally) stopped in our tracks in awe saying, “Oh my God.” 
Being with people who were seeing it with fresh eyes was invigorating. I think I sang just a little louder this year, and I even did something that I’ve never done at a concert before. I climbed on Doug’s shoulders when one of my favorite songs, Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap, was playing. The world looks much different from up way up high. 
Lollapalooza before the madness began.
{The view from my office building isn’t bad, huh?}
Rock, rock, rock & roll.
A sea of hearts and so much love.
I found you, Peter Pan.
The lovely Chicago skyline at dusk.
Of course, with a festival comes festival fashion. I chose to repeat my favorite pairing of the summer: pattern mixing with stripes and florals. In daisy skorts {You can shop them in this post}, a crop top and chambray shoes, I frolicked around in comfort and style like the true Lolla fan that I am. 


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