The Perfect Dress For Any Season

The other day, I was browsing department store aisles, and – BOOM – there it was. Fall, staring at me in the face, in the form of multi-colored leaf decor and an awkward Halloween-themed skeleton flailing its arms in attempt to scare me.

“Fall stuff already?!” I snuffed. If there’s a sure way to turn someone into a curmudgeon (Does anyone else use that word all the time, or is it just me?), it’s by rudely interrupting their summer-focused mindset with promises of cooler temperatures.

I can’t. I won’t! I’m taking a stance against the changing seasons. Didn’t summer just start?! I haven’t even made my summer bucket list yet.

But, alas, it’s coming. Whether I like it or not. And, so…I must.

Of course, one of the most visible components of fall arriving is one’s wardrobe, and I naturally started thinking of all things boots and comfy sweaters. It made me slightly more excited for the change of season. Switching out my spring/summer wardrobe to fall/winter is always a big deal, you see. I de-clutter and re-organize, leaving me feel mentally refreshed and ready for a new season.

In that process, I get excited when there are items that are so versatile that I can keep them in my closet, no matter what the season. Things like my favorite jeans, classic heels, or this silk slip dress from Cuyana.

Soft, silky fabric with a fluid silhouette. Beautiful details, a deep neckline and thin straps to make for a flattering fit. Comes in black, blush and now terracotta, in which I can’t think of a hue to embody fall more.

Worth every penny, especially since it’s season agnostic. Sunny out? Wear it with sandals. (Obsessed with these star options!) A bit cooler? Pair it with a leather jacket or blazer, and boots. Snowy? Nothing that a chunky sweater can’t fix. It’s perfect for any weather, any season, and that’s why I love it so.

So, as fall approaches, I’m comforted by the fact that favorite items like this, in which I bopped around in 100 degree heat in places like the Bonneville Salt Flats, can also be worn when temperatures cool. As I live up every second of what remains of summer, it’s a nice little reminder that my favorite season can truly last all year.

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What items in your closet do you love wearing across seasons? Share in the comments below!


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14 thoughts on “The Perfect Dress For Any Season

  1. Saida - She talks Glam

    Well, I would definitely wouldn’t mind adding that gorgeous terracotta slip dress to my fall wardrobe ♥ I am so not ready for autumn yet, even more so because this year my summer holidays are in September so I am literally cheating the calendar and my mind in order to go though yet another British winter 😛 I rely on my trusty brogues which I like to wear every season except for when it’s boiling hot. Happy Monday, lovely and thanks for visiting my little corner

    Saida | She talks Glam

  2. Mia

    Totally relate to resisting the change in seasons…summer’s been flying by way too fast for my liking! But I definitely agree that fall fashion makes me excited for the cooler weather. Chunky sweaters and booties are the best! Love this black dress and the scenery in your photos!

    Mia |

  3. Jalisa

    Girl, you’re so right, summer is literally flying by! I feel it even more after having my daughter this past July, it’s like time is in fast forward. We have to enjoy it while it lasts and hope for great weather into September! As for your outfit, I agree, this slip dress is perfect for any season, as you can do so much with it in terms of laying; I’ve yet to add one to my collection, I have to! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  4. jodie filogomo

    It’s funny how we look ahead so much to the next season, when we still have so much of this season left!! I blame the retailers!! Do you know they had ceramic pumpkins at our grocery store this last weekend?? Crazy!!

  5. Mary

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets tweaked when I see fall stuff already lol! That aside…I love a simple dress like this and you are so right – it’s easy to transition a piece like this into the next seasons. Such a pretty place for the pics too!! xo


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