Who I Go To For Parenting Advice (And Why!)

We all need some advice from time to time. (Er…okay, I need it a lot!) Here’s my list of people that I constantly count on.


Meet Emily

Emily Charron

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Favorite Closet Staples

A Trick For Easy Online Shopping

If you’re already following me on Instagram, you may have noticed a @LIKEtoKNOW.it link and/or tag on most of my outfit posts. While many have already heard of it and use it often, I wanted to take a moment to introduce it to those who are unfamiliar.


A Little Secret To Spring Arriving Faster

If you wish for it hard enough, it’ll come, right?


Josephine Bloom’s Bohemian-Inspired Nursery Tour

A bright red dresser, turquoise accents, colorful rug, and cheerful, beachy prints. Welcome to the world of Josephine Bloom!


The Ultimate Roundup of Love-Filled Charms

Today is all about embracing life through a rose-tinted lens, so I thought I’d share a roundup of things that hopefully will make your day even better. Here are some love-filled things from across the web, and a fun little giveaway, too!


10 Little Ways To Say I Love You (Without Spending A Penny)

A list of ideas for all you last minute people (Ah-hem…me) who may not have a gift yet for Valentine’s Day. Really though, they’re good to keep at the top of mind any day of the year! Because isn’t showing and feeling love one of the most charming parts of life?


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