Why Basic’s Not So Bad

Basic has a bad rep. But I’m here to debunk it, and tell you why basic’s not so bad after all.


Meet Emily

Emily Charron

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Top Fall Picks

Viva La Neck Scarf

Ah, the lovely neck scarf. At this point I’d say it’s my go-to style hack. Here’s why I love it so much, and tons of adorable options for you to shop!


Bits of Our Long Weekend

We spent this weekend in the best way possible – with an equal mix of leisure and activity, filled with lots of time together. Here’s a quick recap!


A Breath of Fresh Air

A recent trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory lead to a breath of fresh air. All about our time there, while wearing this comfortable yet chic textured midi dress!


The Truth About Maternity Leave (Hint: It’s Not A “Vacation”)

Over the past few weeks, particularly in the work environment, I’ve had people — both men and women — light-heartedly say something along the lines of, “You’re so lucky, when the baby comes you get a 3 month vacation!” while referring to my upcoming maternity leave. Each time, I’ve been taken aback and honestly haven’t been sure how to react.

Vacation?! Hold up, hold up. Let’s pause right there and set the record straight.


Sequin Embroidery Sweater

Updates from the weekend & all about the mini-adventure I’m on this week for work. Post features a delicate, feminine sequin embroidery sweater and Free People ankle booties!


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