Personalized Gifts Made Simple

With what seems like a new pregnancy or birth announcement popping up every day on social, it can be hard to know what to gift new or expecting moms. Well, friends, I’m here to help! I’ve got a great site for you to check out that’ll cure any, “What can I give that’s thoughtful and yet something that’s not so standard?” questions you’re contemplating.


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Emily Charron

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Top Fall Picks


Year-Round Closet Staples

Confession: I get crazy excited to switch my wardrobe from spring/summer to fall/winter. As soon as mid-September hits, a few weekend hours are devoted to doing the swap. I close the door, blare music, and our room becomes a tornado in which clothes fly into heaps that I somehow deem organized. Once the warm-weather gear is carefully sorted, folded and put away, the sweaters, boots and scarves emerge, and I get giddy with excitement over the new outfit possibilities.

This year, there’s been a biiiig problem with this routine, though. Fall has been coming at a snail’s pace (Today in Chicago it’ll be 80 degrees – what?!) and the Indian Summer means I’ve been constantly confused at what to wear. All the knit and plaid has been on hold as I’ve reached for the items in my closet that work year round – you know, the ones that never make “the swap.” The 365 day staples, if you will.


5 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs Girls’ Weekends

Let me bring you in on a firm belief of mine: every woman needs girls’ weekends. There are just certain things that are good for the soul; travel, water, sunshine, and the power of solid relationships with those that know and love you best. Bring all those together and you’ve got the ultimate combination for rejuvenation.

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A Peek At Our Colorful Living Room Decor

There’s no place like home, and in my case, that rings especially true since having Gracie. Though we tend to jet around as a family on the weekends, with the exception of work we are homebodies during the week. So, our apartment has become the place where we spend the most time.

Of course, time at home often means one place in particular: the living room. I’m excited about giving you a peek into our color living room decor; as with most rooms in our apartment, it’s filled little items that have stories and bring personality. Welcome inside!

Lela Rose_Papyrus Cards

The Art of Handwritten Letters

The art of handwritten letters just got SO fashionable. Lela Rose partnered with Papyrus for the ultimate snail mail – cards with a fashionable twist.

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A New Way To Wear Bandanas

Favorite accessory of the year? Bandanas. They bring a unique twist, give outfits a pop of color, and they can be worn a million different ways.


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