Spring Fever

I’ve caught it. There’s no going back from here. Spring fever has taken over and I’m officially in deep.

Such is the feeling when you’re in Michigan and are surrounded by spring errrthang. Green trees! Blooming flowers! Chirping birds! Fresh air! I love you, Chicago, but you don’t quite do nature like my homegirl MI. I even threw on some coral pants to celebrate, because color. It’s only fitting for Springtime, yea? Well, and anytime, really. Color says “fun” and you know what? I’m all about it. As does a fabulous wicker purse, which is by far one of my favorite trends of this season.

…By the way, thanks for letting me raid your closet, Mama. Literally this entire outfit besides the purse and sunglasses is hers. Benefits of being home. 😉

Let’s talk details, shall we? The shirt is Club Monaco and features something I can’t get enough of lately: A fabulous statement sleeve. This option is similar to the one pictured, and check out this beauty, which is new to their site and makes me ga-ga.

Also, coral pants for the win! I love when pants anchor an outfit with a big splash of color. It’s so refreshing and bold. These J.Brand ones are similar, and so are these Levi’s options (Amazing price, too!)

Can’t forget the wicker cross-body bag that I’ve had on repeat since I got it. (Literally haven’t used another purse since!) And these sunglasses, also on repeat. I am just in love with both. (You can also find them featured in this post!)

Not shown in pictures: Spanx, tucking in my still-healing post-baby body. AKA miracle workers. I gotta be real with you, guys: I had some help with this outfit. #NoShame

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On the personal update note: We’re back in Chicago after a week in Michigan and it feels gooood to be back home in the city. You know that can’t-help-but-smile feeling you get when you wake up in your own bed? We drove in late Saturday night, and I had that feeling Sunday morning.

Not that being in Michigan wasn’t great. It was pretty amazing, actually. We had a few celebrations like my friend Becca’s bridal shower (if you haven’t seen what I wore, it’s a must), Doug’s mom’s birthday party (love you!), and my grandpa was inducted into the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame (SO proud!) Other than that, we straight up chilled.

I’m a busy-bee and have to keep remembering that I’m still healing from delivery and need to relax, so it was nice to be home and get a little help with the ladies so that I could do just that. (Spoiler alert: I’ve had a few hiccups with postpartum healing that I’ll dive into more later. For now, I’ll tell you that relaxing/not doing too much is very important after delivery and I certainly have needed to prioritize it better!)

Anyways. It’s a new week, the weather is getting more and more beautiful, and the girls are doing well. Life is good. Especially when you wear fabulous outfits as the cherry on top. 😉 


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