Whoa. Is That My Belly Button?

Isn’t it funny how you notice things in hindsight where you just can’t believe you didn’t see before? Take, for instance, my belly button. (Yes, I’m going there.) Until reviewing these photos I had no idea that it was…well, sticking out. I currently am typing this while feeling slightly out of body as a result of this realization making it clear that I need to pay closer attention to the changes happening to my body. Because, let’s be honest, it’s out there.

Pregnancy style, how to dress when you're pregnant

How did I not notice this before?! Did it happen over night?! It must have. Could it have? I don’t know.

Not that I’m mad about it. I actually think it’s pretty cute, in a wow-you-look-really-pregnant sort of way. And, on that note, another observation has been had. I am beginning to look really pregnant. Turns out, pictures really do speak a thousand words, and in my case, they tell me the very obvious realities that I somehow hadn’t been attune to before.

How to dress when your pregnant, pregnancy bloggersPregnancy style, How to dress when you're pregnant How to dress when you're pregnant

Thanks to Maya of Charmingly Styled for the photos!

Now, let’s chat for a moment about a win of this post that I am attune to, and that’s the fact that these pants are so comfortable. For all you out there who are thinking, “Of course they’re comfortable, they’re maternity!”,  I have news for you. They’re not! Nope, they’re normal pants, just with an elastic waistband, which has proven to be my new best friend. Read: I can wear them with baby-in-belly, and I can wear them later without.

I bought them recently at Evereve, which had so many adorable jogging options to choose from. Other fabulous printed pant options? Check out these, these & these. And how cute are these for spring?! So. Stinking. Adorable. Shop more options below!


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14 thoughts on “Whoa. Is That My Belly Button?

  1. Livia

    Hi Emily!

    To be honest: I am not the biggest fan of baby posts, especially because everybody on the web seems to be pregnant or just became a mom BUT this post made me smile (especially the title)! You are one adorable lady! Enjoy this time on your way to be a mommy yourself! 🙂



  2. Jessie Downey

    This post made me so happy, your writing just speaks to everyone so well that I was smiling and giggling to myself as if we were having this conversation in person. Great post, fabulous pants and you are SO stinkin’ cute!


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