Weekly Charms

Things That Charmed Me This Week:

On The Personal Front:

  • A Sick Goose:  Gracie (Or, Goose, as we fondly call her) was sick this week, and let me tell you, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a sick child. What started as a cold last weekend lead to a 103 fever for 3 days straight. Awful. I felt so bad that I couldn’t do much to help, beyond comfort her and rotate Tylenol/Motrin. Doug was home with her Monday, I was home from work with her Tuesday & Wednesday, and we’re happy to report she’s beat this awful flu/cold, is fever-free, and feeling much better! The only plus side of it all was how cuddly she was while being cared for – I literally spent 2 days holding her, which of course was under not great circumstances, but those little moments still meant a lot.
  • Arriba: Getting in lots of social time has been on my mind lately, especially since I know that once the baby comes it’ll be that much harder. Last week Blair, Lauren, Shaheen and I went to Federales and it was so great to catch up, and then later in the week a few girlfriends and I had dinner at my friend Julie’s house. Over the weekend, Doug and I spent lots of time with Gracie and my sister Mandy, and Sunday a few friends came over to relax and enjoy the weather. Last night, Maya and I went to Cafe Ba-Ba-Ree-Ba. Needless to say, I’ve been totally spoiled lately, but it’s the type of spoiling that I kind of love!
  • Pearls + Blush: I found the coolest loafers ever, ever, ever – look for them in an outfit post soon!
  • What Do You Think? Have you taken my reader survey yet? If not, I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts! I’m giving away a $100 gift card to Nordstrom to a person selected at random, so be sure to enter your name at the end if you’d like to be in the running!
  • Blogged: This week I talked about the art of living a hygge life (SUPER interesting, if you haven’t heard of it), why the baby years are bittersweet, and shared 10 things I’m loving now.
  • On The Docket: This weekend is all about family time. Doug’s parents and brother are coming to Chicago and we’ve got lots of brunches and museum exploring planned. Plus, my cousin Katie and sister Mandy are joining the crew tonight for a big family dinner. I absolutely love when our families from different sides come together; my heart feels so full when I look around the room. That’s hygge right there, friends! 😉

Have an amazing, fantastic, happy weekend. xx


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