Weekly Charms

Weekend mornings with my little Goose.

Alright, Sunday morning, stop judging me on the fact that I’m 2 days behind on getting this post up. Here’s the thing: last week was nutty at work, and then yesterday it was 60 and sunny in Chicago. (Hashtag winter goals.) Can you blame me? I hope you answered “No” there. Anyways, onward and upward.

Things That Charmed Me This Week:

Yesterday’s weather made me have a serious case of Spring Fever.

On The Personal Front:

  • Warm Front: 60 degrees and sunny, yesterday. 60 DEGREES AND SUNNY. Reminder: It’s January. I still can’t get over it. The only issue with it all is that now that I’ve been bitten by the sunny bug I’ve got major Spring fever.
  • Weekend Agenda: Friday our friends Kristen, Chris and Lily came over for dinner and long chats. Saturday we had zero plans, and with the weather being so amazing, we took a family walk along the lake front. We ended up running into our friends Kevin and Laura, which led to brunch at Wilde. After, Gracie and I went to the park; she sat on the teeter totter with some “Big girls” (i.e. Approximately age 3) and I wanted to pause time to stop her from growing. On the docket for today: Catching up on the work I was supposed to yesterday and perhaps another playground trip with the fam.
  • Not-So Happy: Grace’s new favorite song is Happy and asks for it to play about every 5 minutes. I’m starting to go slightly mad when I hear it. (Typed as the song cued up again. IF THIS SONG IS SO HAPPY WHY DO I WANT TO SCREAM RIGHT NOW?)
  • Girl Power: Did you participate in the Women’s March? I wasn’t able to join on behalf of preggo vibes. My feet have this really fabulous tendency to swell to twice their size if I’m on them too long, and my bladder can’t seem to hold portions larger than a tablespoon, so the whole big crowd thing and I weren’t jiving. Regardless, I’m so proud and thankful for all those who did join and stand for women’s right. The future is truly female!
  • Missing: The Obamas already. I feel like I completely took them for granted.
  • On The Docket: Some really fun posts planned this week, and – SURPRISE – Dougy and I are taking a mini babymoon starting Friday. More details to come!

Hope you have a Happy day! For real.


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