What’s Your Happiest Time Of Day?

Confession: I’ve never been a morning person. Faaaar from it.
I remember, back in the days of school bells and class schedules, I was a common attendee in after school detention as a result of being tardy too frequently. You could regularly find me running down the halls of my high school with wet hair, juggling multiple books, and meekly smiling at my teacher who’d open the door as I tapped to enter. I swear, it got to the point where the teachers wouldn’t even lecture me anymore, they’d just hand me yet another detention slip and direct me to my seat.

It’s safe to say I hated mornings. Specifically weekday ones. It wasn’t the morning itself that I disliked, it was the fact that I was always rushed. “Snooze” was pressed too many times to count, which lead to not enough time to get ready, and the ultimate struggle with finding something to wear. You’d think I would learn, but every morning that “just an extra 5 minutes” of sleep was just too precious to give up.

Fast forward to present day, and you may be surprised to hear that I’m now a morning person. In fact, it’s now my happiest time of dayWhat changed? Well, first, I simply grew up. College and exposure to professional environments taught me to plan ahead, and while I’m still no stranger to pressing “Snooze”, I do have the discipline to rise and shine with enough time to adequately get ready. (Er…most of the time, at least.)

Having a child has helped, too. My alarm clock can be ignored, but a little toddler waking up saying, “Mommy!” certainly can not. I basically rush out of bed to soak in Gracie cuddles, so really, I owe her most of the credit for being so darn cute.

But, there is one little secret I have that makes mornings significantly better for me. While I certainly still take time to plan my outfit for the day, I have a total and complete absence of thinking about what goes on underneath. In other words, I’ve set myself up for success, no matter what the morning brings.

This may seem minuscule, but I assure you it’s not. We’ve all been in the situation of “Where the $*% is that bra?!” when you’re searching for a nude option but all you have available is black or teal, or the straight up panic that comes when you realize the bra you’ve been looking for is – gasp – in the wash. Literally ruins an outfit, am I right?! Not to mention adding a major hiccup to your morning.

Nope, not here. Instead, I’ve planned ahead and have avoided that scenario, which has actually made a big difference. After being in that situation far too frequently, I invested in not just bras, but the right bras. ThirdLove bras. Bras of assorted colors, and all the right size, of course, because the only thing worse than not having the bra you need is an itchy, ill-fitting one that annoys you all day.

I’ve written about ThirdLove before, but just as a refresh, ThirdLove is all about bras that are designed for the modern woman. They’re comfortable, beautiful, and have tons of options ranging from delicate lace to strapless push up. I particularly love that they have an app where you can measure yourself right from home, to make sure that you are ordering options that fit you best. (A total necessary feature for me, with my body changing so much due to pregnancy!)

I literally grab the appropriate undergarments for my outfit, throw them on, and don’t think twice about size, comfort or color, since I know I’ve got options that all work. Mornings made easy by the process of elimination, my friends.

Of course, a more successful time getting up and ready aren’t the only reasons why I’m now a morning person. I’ve found that, particularly in the past few years, I’ve begun to enjoy the slow and steady pace of mornings. We wake up, grab a warm cup of coffee, lounge around in comfortable clothes (or, bras, in my case), and prep for the day ahead. Mornings to me are filled with easy, no-pressure family time. They’re filled with opportunity for what’s ahead. And they’re a time to reset from the day prior and make today our own.  It should be caveated that I still do have a tough time getting ready sometimes. (Note to self: I really need to start planning outfits ahead.) But, whereas before my mornings were frantic, they’re now fun on behalf of being accompanied by an amazing little helper who loves helping her mama pick out the day’s look, not just for herself but for me also.

For example, here’s the scene that happened the morning these photos were taken. With Gracie on my hip, we consulted my closet and conversed:

Me: “Black shirt?”

Gracie: “No.”

Me: “White shirt?”

Gracie: “No.” Stares.

Me: “Blush blazer?”

Gracie: “Yes!”

…All of life’s decisions should be so simple, am I right?! 

Tell me, what’s your happiest time of day? Are you a morning person, even despite not being one in earlier years?

Side note: I’m baring all with my 33-week belly in this post, and I hope you don’t mind! I wasn’t sure about sharing these photos at first, but then I thought, “Oh, whatever. It’s like a bathing suit”. But, more than that, I love this growing belly and changing body of mine, and am proud to show it off. Being pregnant is a truly amazing thing!

PS – Sticking with the classics + 20 life lessons for my daughter.

*This post was sponsored by ThirdLove, however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Isn’t That Charming! 


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5 thoughts on “What’s Your Happiest Time Of Day?

  1. Amy Arnold

    Mornings are actually my favorite time of the day too. There is just something about a fresh start and a quite house (if I get up in time). Sounds like a great bra.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Maya McDonald

    Girl, I WISH I loved mornings, but I still wake up at 8:15 and run out the door. One day when I have kids, I’m hoping that might change – it has to, right? Miss you! xx

  3. Sabina

    Ahhh! I confess that I am not a morning person either, and will probably never be one! I do love mornings though, at whatever time they happen to be for me haha! I feel more productive then, and I surely feel more energetic if I slept as much as my body wanted me to (mind you, after working for about 8-10h straight).
    I love a comfortable bra too, be it even for lounging on my couch (with my laptop, of course 🙂 I’ve heard only good things about these bras and I’ll definitely check them out! xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine


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