Things That Have Charmed Me Lately: V.5

Layered necklaces with a bandana. A favorite style combo lately!

Alright, alright. Let’s address the elephant on the screen, ok? This post is days overdue. In my defense, I was riding solo with a 4 week old and almost-2-year-old from Thursday – Sunday while Doug was at a bachelor party. I sat down to get this post live a handful of times and was promptly interrupted by crying, requests to play, or an opportunity to sleep – all of which can’t be ignored. Trying to blog while mothering is no joke, my friends.

Anyways – Happy Monday! Was your weekend as crazy as mine? Turns out, when it rains, it pours – literally. It rained all weekend, which made for a very interesting few days while we were holed up inside. The situation was made worse when Josephine and I caught the flu. It’s so scary to have a sick kid, but when they’re so little, it’s even more nerve-wrecking. Luckily we’re both doing much better, but I’ll be honest with you, it was an awful few days there. All in all, I’m happy it’s a fresh week and the sun is shining today. Onward and upward! 

Let’s visit some recent charms, life updates, and links from across the web, shall we? Hurrah! While on a walk last week, we stopped and grabbed this photo of Gracie. Happy, energetic and a hint of mischief – I love this picture because it showcases her personality perfectly! How cute is this?!  I can see it being worn with pretty much everything this summer. No better way to wear the great outdoors!Pretending to be pilot. How could I resist this photo op?
Walking in the clouds with my cousin Katie and step-sisters Meredith and Mandy. Love these girls so much!
Gracie sneaking a kiss on Josephine with my mom and I.My grandpa, standing in front of his portrait at the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame.

While in Michigan, my family went to a fancy dinner at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo to celebrate my grandpa being inducted into the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame. So proud of him and all his accomplishments!
Also while in Michigan, we went to a vineyard for a luncheon after my niece’s baptism, and snuck in our first family of 4 photo. If you’ve never been to a Michigan vineyard, they’re a must! So beautiful.Gracie on a carousel with my step-mom. Had to put this one in because of the pure joy, right there. On Friday, Josephine turned one month! Can you believe it’s already been that long?! She’s been the best baby so far – such a sweet disposition – even though we’re going through a mini fussy stage right now. She loves bath time, being in the Baby Bjorn, taking naps on me (I think I love them more, though), and kisses from Gracie. I can’t believe how in love we are with her!
Have you ever tried decorating with eucalyptus? I opted for them over a floral bouquet recently and loved the result – the pop of green was so refreshing and they lasted much longer than flowers normally would!


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Hope your week is off to a great start!


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