The 5 Things I Learned From #MSBBrunchChi

Over the weekend I attended a blogger brunch hosted by the Midwest Style Bloggers. A full stomach, plenty of great conversations and an impressive swag bag later, I walked away with 5 key lessons from my newfound blogging friends.

1. The Midwest Truly Does Have Style
Let’s face it – the Midwest isn’t the first place thought of when it comes to trend setting. As a born and raised Michigander, I admittedly am biased, but some of the most stylish people I know are from, or currently live in, the Midwest. Our style is a little less overt and a little more understated than the industry as a whole. But still stylish, nonetheless. Or, in my mind, more realistic

Insert Midwest Style Bloggers here. The whole idea around their events is to help Midwestern bloggers network and provide opportunities for one another. It’s great to know that there are other bloggers who not only get the whole plus-side of midwestern charm, but are actively standing up for our geographic location in the name of style.

Play on, playa.
{T-Shirt seen on Sarah from The Kissing Booth}

2. Want to write a book? Great. Now do it. 
One of the bloggers that I spent some time talking to was Kit from The Kittchen, who is working on writing her own cook book. And, get this, she’s self-publishing it. I was so inspired by her story. Writing a book has always been a long term goal of mine, and meeting someone who actually took the steps to do it was a great reminder that the only person standing in my way is…well, me. 

3. Quay has amazing pancakes.
Seriously, if you’re in Chicago, you must try them. 

4. Blogging truly is a community. 
At brunch we talked about everything from vlogging (video blogging) to utilizing affiliate links. As we chatted, a few things really hit home for me: 
1. I’ve learned so much in just one year of blogging
2. I have so much more to learn
3. Blogging has the opportunity to open countless doors
4. The ladies that comprise this community are such amazing go-getters. 

I walked away from brunch feeling truly fortunate for being a part of it all. In a weird way, it ignited a new fire for me to start focusing more efforts around this little blog of mine, and to make it all that it can be. 

Bloggers from left to right :: The KittchenLiving’s As Easy As 312, Cedar and Rush, Stylish & Scatterbrained,
The Kissing Booth, Loop Looks, me
Bloggers from left to right :: Knocked Up Fabulous, Me, Amanda Boleyn, Sassy Moms In The City, The Kissing Booth, Cedar and Rush, Stylish and Scatterbrained, Charmingly Styled

5. When you’re to be on your toes, wear flats.
I purchased new black booties for the event, and while I loved the look, my feet were killing me. I left brunch with about 5 blisters. Note to self: Wear flats to networking events.

Fellow bloggers {Midwest or elsewhere!} – have you been to any blogging networking events recently? What are some key takeaways that you’ve learned? 

Care to dance? Follow my lead.

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