Summer Fling + Godiva Giveaway

Eight summers ago, I had a little fling. A group of friends and I visited Kennebunkport, Maine for a weekend of beach grazing and lobster cooking, and among that group was a cute guy who caught my eye. I’d known him since high school, but suddenly butterflies started fluttering when he was around. After a few drinks on the last night of our trip he asked to kiss me as we danced under the stars, in which I took the opportunity to play hard to get and responded, “If you really want to kiss me, you can do it when you’re sober.” Left with no kiss in the romance of summertime in Maine, that same guy departed for a 6 week study abroad trip to London, and I was convinced that I blew it. A fling, indeed, and one with no happy ending.

But it wasn’t over. Every day that he was gone was met with a phone call or a message, updating me on his adventures and telling me about his day. With every word said from across the pond, my sweet, innocent fling quickly turned into something more. The changing fall leaves were greeted with his return, and we immediately started dating. The rest, as they say, is history. This summer we got married, fittingly in a weekend filled with beach grazing and starry-night dancing.

Now that my favorite summer love has become a lifelong commitment, I’m on the hunt for a new fling. And, guys, I think I’ve found it. I’ve fallen in love again. This time, it’s with Godiva.

They sent me the below package to try out a line up of truffles that immediately took me from fling to love in a bite. They’re creamy, rich and full of fun flavors like Strawberry Creme and Oreo Cookie, which was why I’m excited to be one of their Chicago social ambassadors for indulging in summer to the fullest.

Speaking of, they’ve got two new options on their roster. The Godiva Trufflelata transforms traditional shakes by taking a truffle and blending it in with the shake, and the Soft Serve incorporates Belgian chocolate into bites that melt in your mouth.

Next week, I’ll be helping to celebrate the launch of these new treats at their summer fling party on Michigan Avenue, but first, Godiva is giving 5 Isn’t That Charming readers a $25 gift card to their store. Can I get a collective “NomNomNom”? (That’s code for “round of applause” in Godiva land.)

To enter, just comment below and answer the following question: What was your most memorable summer fling? The responses with the best stories or memories win. I’ll be announcing the winners on Monday, August 11. Good luck! 

*This post and giveaway are sponsored by Godiva. However, all opinions are my own. My taste buds additionally give their consent. 


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16 thoughts on “Summer Fling + Godiva Giveaway

  1. Jessica

    Giveaway heaven! My most memorable summer fling was when my boyfriend came and “rescued” me from my mom’s house. I had been out of college for a few months and hadn’t landed a full-time job. In order to save money, I got rid of my apartment and moved an hour away from him and my friends to live with her. Jobs were scarce where she lived and I missed everyone terribly. I packed a small bag, he came and got me and I moved back “home” with him. I was so thankful for that and the job I landed right when I got back! 🙂

    Your stories are always so romantic, love them.


    That is such a cute story!!

    Hahaha it’s been years since I’ve had a “summer fling”. I think my most memorable summer fling was right after freshman year in college, my high school sweetheart and I broke up, and I had a summer fling with a coworker from my summer job. Left on good terms and with good memories 🙂


  3. Suzy Smith

    Um, that’s the cutest story ever! I met my first (and only) summer fling after having a horrible horrible first date with another guy and my friends decided to take me out afterward to get over it. I ran into a sweet guy I had known for a while and we talked the whole time we were out with our friends. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch for the rest of the summer, but didn’t go on our first date until school started again in the fall. Now, we’ve been dating for three years this August!

  4. Karly @ Miss in the Midwest

    That might be the most adorable story I’ve heard in a long time – it might have just made my day. Unfortunately, I never really had a summer fling – I never dated much until I met my now-husband – but those chocolates still look quite delicious! 🙂

  5. Jillian

    omg i LOVEEEE Godiva!!! hmmm my best summer fling was probably the month I spent in Paris after sophomore year of college! I explored tons of museums + cathedrals, danced at clubs + drank pink beer, traveled to mount saint michel + the beaches of normandy + shopped every day and ate wayy too much bread. I fell in love with Paris and it will always be a special place for me 🙂 bonus I got to return for my honeymoon and my husband loves it too! xoxo jillian

  6. drew elizabeth

    Love your story! My most memorable summer fling wasn’t really a “fling” either. I met Frank (my boyfriend) 3 summers ago through a mutual friend. Totally unexpected. I hired him to dj my house warming party and then met a couple times out with friends. The rest is history. A few months later we took our first trip together to Vail, CO and then on Thanksgiving he asked me to “go steady”. New Years he told me he loved me. Summers are the best ever since we met.

  7. Kelsey

    My most memorable summer fling was the summer I studied abroad in Toledo, Spain. I didn’t have a fling with a hot Spaniard (I had my hunny waiting for me back home) but I for sure did with the cute little city I lived in. I fell for the city, the country and the lifestyle, and I fell hard 🙂 I’ll take a pitcher of sangria on a sidewalk cafe anyday

  8. Stephanie

    Would love to use the gift card towards truffle favors for our wedding next April! Definitely had a few band camp crushes (nerd alert!) in high school. Also met my fiance at a summer birthday party at a local brewery, and we’ve been on an fun fling ever since!

  9. Katharine Lindsay

    Aw that is such a cute story! I love how you two met and I definitely think you are adorable together. So great seeing you last week and I hope I see you again soon!!!! Dan and I met at a bonfire in high school while he was dating my friend. They both went to another school but as soon as I met him, we became friends and started talking. Eight years later, he asked me out and we are going strong!

  10. wtiger9

    I also married my summer fling. We lived in different cities, but kept running into each other at triathlons. After the first meeting I left without even asking his name, so I had to search the race results to find him and then of course I had to google him and found out that he was a very good athlete. At the third race I was so nervous to talk to him, but all of my friends encouraged me to go for it. I finally walked up and said “Hey, didn’t I meet you at Tellico?” His whole face lit up when he recognized me and we finally exchanged contact info so that we could stay in touch in between races.


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