The Perfect Boots To Dress Like The Badass You Are

Shirt: Grey Bodysuit. Currently sold out but this and this are similar. Also love this off the shoulder option! | Pants: Hudson Black Jeans in Super Skinny| Boots: Studded Strap Western Ankle BootThese studded heel booties are also super cool!| Leather Coat: Vintage, but this one is amazing! | Sunglasses: Quay sunnies from past season — loving these blush options and they’re currently on sale!

“BEST. DECISION. EVER.” This was a welcomed thought after purchasing these studded western boots (Only $64!) and wearing them. I wasn’t sure about them at first, simply because they are so different than others I’ve worn, but from the moment I committed they turned into one of my favorite finds of the season.

Why? They’re just really fricking badass.

You’ve also seen them in this post. And, if you work with me (hey-yo!) you’re actually probably sick of them at this point because I’ve been wearing these beauties multiple times a week. I’ve worn them to bring some grit to a midi skirt, a little personality to skinnies, and some sass to everything in between. Seriously, they make an outfit every time!

Remember those jazz hands I talked about busting out in the halls? Strutting in these bad boys is even better. 😉

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Big thanks to Lakeshore Lady for the pics!


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