Sseko Gold Ribbon Sandals

Reason #483992 to love summer: No socks. Am I right, or am I right? There’s just something about slipping into sandals or heels without even considering another fabric in the mix. Insert: Sseko Gold Ribbon Sandals. The whole situation makes my feet do a little tap-tap-toe-tap in celebration. (Friends who know me on an all-too personal level know that this is quite literally what happens.)Sseko Gold SandalsReason #483993? With sandals like these from Sseko, you’ve got yourself a stylin’, no-sock option that will make you do a few extra toe-taps on account of being adorable. I love all the different ways to style the straps – you can completely personalize them based on your mood or outfit.

Let me lay out a few other Sseko details for you. All their sandals and accessories are handmade in Uganda, generating revenue for high potential & talented women, empowering and employing them so that they can earn money to go after college educations. The company also partners with artisan groups in East Africa, again helping to contribute to economical growth and opportunity through trade and employment. Sseko Gold SandalsIt just so happens that they’ve partnered with a few brands to host a giveaway that’s nothing short of chic, and I’m honored to be included in their round-up of bloggers helping them to promote it! Why? Well, first and foremost, I love what the company stands for. Second, I want all my fabulous readers to get in on the action! How fun would it be if one of you won?!

In the round up for winnings are Sseko sandalsLomography cameraBaggu bag, Chaser maxi dress, and a pair of Etnia Barcelona sunglasses. To enter, all you have to do is swing by this link and enter your email address. Easy, right?

Good luck! Be sure to follow me on Instagram this week – I’ll be sharing snapshots of how I’ve styled some of the prizes that are in the giveaway!


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