The Case Of The Yellow “Dress”

If there are two things that bring out resourcefulness, it’s being pregnant and frugal. I’m most definitely pregnant, and with the exception of the occasional splurge, am also fairly frugal as well. It’s safe to say that my inner resourcefulness has been peaked as of late.

Beyond the basics such as jeans or tops that you can easily mix and match, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase pregnancy clothing knowing that I can only wear it for a limited time. So, the case of the yellow “dress” was born.

Pregnancy Fashion_Zara dress_Top Chicago Style Bloggers-3Pregnancy Fashion_Zara dress_Top Chicago Style Bloggers-2

My girlfriends recently held a Chicago baby shower for me (aren’t they the sweetest?) and I felt like a true detective while looking for what to wear to the occasion. Here were my clues that would lead me to the ultimate purchase: It had to make a fun statement, needed to fit around the basketball that has become my stomach, and must be able to be worn after the baby was delivered. A tough case to crack, let me tell you, but as I searched high and low I found my perfect answer.

Stylish looks for pregnancy-1

A coat. Yes, friends, this dress is actually a button-up, lightweight trench overshirt/coat in which I’ve ignored its original purpose and used it as a dress. It was adorning a mannequin in Zara with jean shorts, a plain white shirt and fringe bag (an adorable combination that I’ll be repeating in the future) but I saw it and thought, “Yup, that’ll do!”. So, I grabbed my “dress”, tried it on, grabbed a statement necklace to pair it with, and went forth with my resourceful case solving. Pregnancy Fashion_Zara dress_Top Chicago Style Bloggers-4 Pregnancy Fashion_Zara dress_Top Chicago Style Bloggers-5

In hindsight, I can’t help but reflect upon this situation, convinced I’m a modern-day Nancy Drew. There will be many more cases to crack as this belly of mine enters into the last month of pregnancy, but you know what? I’m ready.

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