Pleats To Take For A Twirl

Skirt: J.Crew Faux-Leather Pleated Mini. This one is almost identical and this is such cute option. | Button Down: Boyfriend shirt in stewart plaid. Also love this and this. | Earrings: Stud Tassel Earrings | Boots: Steve Madden Over The Knee Boots (Under $100!) | Bracelet:

Heeeey-yo, I’m wearing a pleated skirt. I know, I know — surprise to no one.

Low and behold, this is one of my favorite looks as of late, especially if you’re looking for an outfit that’s dressier than jeans but still playful. I wore this to work one day while we were on set for a video shoot, and was feeling all “Fa la la”. Might I suggest this for your next holiday party consideration? The most important ones are just around the corner. Or perhaps you grab one of the items, such as this lovely wrap bracelet, as a last minute gift option? If you order ASAP, you can still get the goods on time!

I want to address the nature of this plaid shirt, by the way. You may look at it and think, “Oh, wow, it’s really cute. But is it too Christmas-y to get now and wear for the rest of winter?” The answer is no. No it’s not. Get your mind outta the red/green gutter. It also has blue and yellow and white as a foundation so I plan on wearing it straaaaight into spring. (Paired it with a blush pink sweater the other day and LOVED that take on it!) But if that still doesn’t convince you, may I present this blue plaid option, this floral one or even going classic with all white. Do one, or many. Life is about options, yea?

Side note: In what I’m currently filing under “Annoying things in the online shopping world”, my exact skirt currently sold out, however this option is nearly identical¬†and this one is a great option, too! Also, these boots. (Under $100!) I love these boots. They take anything to the next level, which is a fun level to be on because why not? HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HAPPY ELVES!

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