Las Vegas Poolside

You may think that being in the “City of Sin” means that we’ve done a ton of gambling and are indulging in all things naughty by nature, but Vegas has another side to it.


What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

Heyyy-o, Vitamin D! Great to feel ya lately. It’s amazing what the sunshine can do. For photos, and for the soul. We shot these in the golden hour and I was so happy with how they turned out.¬†They perfectly show how I feel about this summer: bright, cheerful, and energetic. We’ve got lots planned, starting with this weekend, and I…


What Do You Give For Anniversary Presents?

A little about our tradition for celebrating anniversaries. Plus, a darling little white dress that’s perfect for summer!


Eat Life Up

Olly Super Food Smoothies are a plant-based protein smoothies packed with nutrients. Here’s all about what I love about them!


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