Cold Shoulder

I know, I know…I’m giving you the cold shoulder. But it’s not so bad when it’s paired with polka dots and a tuxedo dress, right?


Weekly Charms

Things that charmed me this week, including 10 Ted talks for when you’re expecting a child, Oscars predictions, and how to wear spring dresses in winter.


Living A Hygge Life

Have you heard of the art of Hygge? (Pronounced “HUE-gah”) I heard of it recently and was intrigued, primarily because it’s what the Danish attribute as a reason behind them being the happiest people in the world. What is hygge? How do I practice it? Is it really an “art” form? I started rolling in the deep with this one, for real.


10 Things I’m Loving Now (Plus, A Reader Survey!)

There is so. much. goodness in stores right now, and while my belly grows by the day, I’m eyeing items to welcome spring. From florals to gorgeous pinks, below are 10 things I’m loving right now. Plus, a reader survey, which I’d love for you to fill out!


All Of A Sudden

Everyone told me that being a parent is one of life’s greatest adventures. But, no one told me that there’s some heartache involved, too.

This past weekend, I had a moment where I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I started to cry. Just a little, and just for a moment, but the struggle was real. What was the trigger? Pigtails. (I kid you not.)


The Upside of Being Busy

While I seem to always wish for more hours in the day, I’ve also realized that being busy is actually a really good thing for me. I’m not sure if it’s where I’m at in pregnancy, or just that a groove of sorts has been found, but feeling motivated has been a really prominent emotion on my mind lately.


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