Breezy Day At Huntington Beach

My happy place is on the water. Specifically Lake Michigan, but really, I’m non-discriminatory. Get me near waves, sand and sunshine, and there’s pretty much nowhere else I’d rather be.


Newport Beach + Los Angeles

I’d like to kick-start this post by addressing two things that I’m surprised by after my trip to California last week: 1. Riding a bike while 28 weeks pregnant isn’t as hard as you’d think, and 2. Mario Lopez is the nicest human on earth. Now, let’s proceed.


For The Critics: How To Be A Celebrator

How do you keep criticism in check? I’ve developed a few ways to help myself practice being more positive. After all, people are worth celebrating.


The Surprising Reasons Why I Love My Record Player

I did it. I digressed in technology and officially am now the owner of a record player.

Yes, I recognize that my recent addition files me under the “Stereotypical millennial” bucket, but I must say, I have no regrets. Far from it. Here’s why.


Chicago Lakefront & Sunshine On My Mind

I’ve been spoiled by the sunshine lately. It’s the type of spoiling that one can never have enough of, so don’t mind me while I contently get used to it.


Weekly Charms

En route to catching a plane to L.A. (find out why in this post!) — but before I depart — a few things that charmed me this week & updates on the personal front.


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