The Most Beautiful Words I’ve Read In A Long Time

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a link that a prior coworker shared. Noting that he loves reading whatever this woman writes, I was intrigued. I clicked through and read.

And re-read.

And re-read again. 


Everything’s Coming Up Roses

There’s been a hint of fall in the air, and I’ve been facing the reality that moments of basking in the summer sunshine are coming to a close for the remainder of the year. Does anyone else consider Labor Day weekend the official end of summer? I know technically it’s September 22, but it just starts to feel different once August ends. 


Lovely Little Finds

I’ve been eyeing a few finds lately, and thought I’d share them with you as they’re charming to the max. 


A Case For The Classics

Fact: Most days, I don’t know what I’m wearing until the moment I’m getting dressed. Anyone with me there?


A Must-Do For Your Next Chicago Weekend

Talking about a must-do if you’re in Chicago next weekend, and giving away 10 free tickets to get you there!


Going Vibrant

It’s days like this where I’m happy to head to work. Gotta fill those halls with a little fun, eh?


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