My Top 15 Favorite Newborn Products

Can I tell you how excited I am about this post? I’m excited. Really excited.

This post officially kicks off a weekly content series that Kelly and I will be doing together! Every Wednesday, we’ll be partnering to tackle all things motherhood on our blogs. I mean, pinch me, right?!

Palm Print Dress

Palm Leaf Print Maxi Dress

Having gone through labor nearly three weeks ago, most of my recent days have been spent in sweat pants and topless. (No, but, for real. Breastfeeding a baby who seems to be constantly eating will have that effect!) So, imagine my excitement when getting ready for my friend Becca’s bridal shower this past weekend. An excuse to wear a dress? Mingling with some of my favorite ladies? MIMOSAS?! Sign me up.

This palm leaf print maxi dress was perfect for the occasion. And even better? The price was an absolute steal.


Hello, Josephine Bloom

Our spring baby has arrived! Please give a warm hello to Josephine Bloom. Jo or Joey for short, this sweet little lady was born on April 19 at 10:48 am. She was a healthy 22 inches and 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Our hearts grew twice the size the moment she arrived – we’re so unbelievably in love!Little moments with Josephine make…


Hidden Secrets Of Oil Cleansing

If it wasn’t the chatter that convinced me to look into it, it was definitely the glowing skin of those who rave about the method. From celebrities to bloggers, those who “swear by it” are growing by the day. So, I’ve done a little digging on the topic. What I found has officially pushed me over the edge, from “Cautiously Intrigued” to “Definitely trying this.” Here’s what I found about the benefits of oil cleansing.


8 Stylish Accounts To Follow On Instagram

If I had to pick a favorite social media network, it’d be Instagram. I love scrolling through my feed and catching up on everything from my friend’s weekends to the latest trends. Of course, being a blogger, I also am always on the lookout for other bloggers who inspire me, both in terms of their style and photography. Because I love great suggestions in this department, I thought you may, too! Below are a few of my go-to’s who I always love seeing pop up in my feed for stylish inspiration.


A Long Weekend in Charleston

Everything you’ve heard is true. Charleston is a town that’s filled with southern charm, hospitality and something new to admire every step of its historic street. Every turn of this walkable city presents a new view of colorful houses painted hues inspired by the ocean. And the shopping. Don’t even get me started on the shopping!

If you’re thinking of visiting Charleston, my advice is to do it, do it, do it. Stop reading right now (…okay fine, finish this post first) and go book your travel. My mom, Gracie and I spent 5 days there in November, and I very much fell in love with the city. It’s a place I’d like to return to every year, if I could.


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