Floral Embroidered Jacket

For those inevitable spring days where rain, or perhaps even some snow, come around, I’ve prepared myself with the only thing that can keep me on the border of sanity. A little bit of brightness. Currently, it’s in the form of this amazing embroidered jacket.


Things That Have Charmed Me Lately: V. 3

Lots of eye-candy and links to indulge in, including the coolest unicorn cakes for Spring, pretty blooms, and lots of great motherhood advice!

Did we just become best friends?

The Best Advice On How To Transition A New Sibling Into Your Home

One of the things I’m most nervous about when our second baby is born is Grace’s transition to having a sister. I know she’ll be the best sibling – she’s such a sweet, loving little girl who loves playing with other kids – but I’m worried about her feeling jealous and like the baby has “taken over”, so to speak.

To help prepare, I’ve done some research and reading on the subject matter. What’s the best way to transition a sibling into the home? Are there tricks to know about? What’s worked for others?

Here are some key things I’ve read that I’ve found to be helpful!


The Best Compliment You Can Give To A Pregnant Woman

I was at the grocery store grabbing a few items when it happened. Frazzled, in a rush, and in my own world, I piled my items onto the conveyer belt of the cash register. The cashier, who was a middle-aged woman, smiled at me with the kindest eyes that made me stop to return one right back. She then said something so simple, yet powerful.


What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Labor

“Keep it in check, Em.” Keeeeep it in check. Seeing as this is my second time going through labor and delivery, that’s actually my biggest advice for packing your hospital bag. The reality is that the hospital will have most of the essentials you need. But, there are some important things that you’ll need to consider, which I’ve laid out below! What to include, what not to, and what people say you need that you really don’t.


Red Pumps and Leather Pants

…A duo that says, “Get it, girl”, no matter the occasion. And when you add in a 36 week belly, it’s a really fun mixture of sweet baby anticipation and sass, don’t you think?


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