The Romper That Made Me A Believer

I’ve got to be honest: Rompers were never really my thing. I’ve always admired them on others, but when I’ve personally worn them, there was always something…off. Too long, too short, too tight. I’m sure it’s just that my body is lanky and so fitting can be awkward sometimes, but I just couldn’t get it right when it came to the style.

But when I saw this pom-trimmed, off the shoulder, all black number, I thought, “It’s too cute not to try.” And similar to what I typically remind Doug, I was right. (Ha! Just kidding. Kind of.) But really, I was. It fits like a glove, and the fact that it’s a top rated on the Anthropologie site makes me think that others feel the exact same way.

It’s just so effortlessly fabulous. The waist is versatile, the fabric is soft, and the color goes with anything. Unlike other off the shoulder tops that I’m constantly tugging out, it actually stays off the shoulder. And those poms. How cute are they?!

Needless to say, this romper has officially made me a believer in the look, and since I’ve been wearing it, summer has become a little more stylish. Hallelujah!

I wore it with ball drop earrings, a favorite accessory staple as of late, and the prettiest Everlane bridge sandals, which are crazy comfortable. They also come in blush, green and red, and I kind of want to order them in every color. (Order a half size up!)

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Now, let’s switch gears and talk about this glorious setting we photographed in. While in the midst of our tour de Michigan, we were driving through the vineyards of the western side of the state while heading to our friend’s wedding. We were admiring the beauty of miles upon miles of open land and grape leaves, when we were faced with an unusual sight we hadn’t seen before. Vineyeards that grew up, not horizontal. What?!

We grabbed some photos, walked around a bit, and went on our way. “Where’s the grapes?!” we thought. When talking to our buddies later, we learned that they weren’t vineyards but rather hops. As in the crop that helps to produce beer. Kind of cool, right?

So, now you know. Hop plants grow up. Cheers to that.

Are you a romper person? Whether your answer is a yes or no, I highly recommend this option!


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