Top Picks From The Nordstrom Memorial Day Sale

I found the twin of the shirt pictured above in the sale, and it’s under $30!

Side note: Today’s motherhood post will be posted tomorrow, due to extreme excitement about the Nordstrom Memorial Day Sale!  Be sure to check back in for my tips on maintaining your relationship after a baby.

Whelp, we made it half way through the week. *Round of applause!* Seeing as that means we’re also half way to a long weekend, I think we all can breathe a little sigh of relief. And, guess what? To top it all off, I’ve got a sweet little surprise for you today: Top picks from the Nordstrom Memorial Day Sale!

As usual with Nordstrom sales, there’s so much goodness, and even better, the prices are amazing. What kind of amazing, you ask? Select items are up to 40% off. Plus, there’s free shipping and returns. See? Told ya.

On a separate and unrelated note, why does it need to be so darn cold in Chicago? I was watching the news yesterday and Mr. Weatherman told me that both yesterday and today are below average temperatures. It’s May for crying out loud, why do we still need a coat?! I’m going on strike. No more rain! No more raaaain! Maybe if I annoy the skies enough they’ll listen?

Back to shopping. Here’s the best of the best from one of my favorite sales this weekend. (Sale ends June 4, but be sure to buy soon because things are guaranteed to get picked over quickly.) I’ll be regularly updating this throughout the day, so keep checking back in!

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:: Shop Jeans + Bottoms ::

Having a hard time choosing? Allow me to play stylist for you. Here are some top picks I’m eyeing for my own shopping cart!

Every girl needs a white pair of jeans for summer; these ankle options would look so cute with tassel mules, embroidered espadrilles, or even some casual Converse sneakers. These distressed options are great, too!

These crop hem jeans are super popular right now, and a great price! They’d look cute with these Free People metallic loafers which are so hip, or these darling white pumps that are the ideal heel size if you’re tall like me.

I adore this midi dress for a casual summer night out, this lace dress is stunning for a dressy night, and the color of this maxi dress is so beautiful. And, can’t forget a great top! I love the buttons on this off the shoulder one, and this peplum tweed jacket is so pretty for spring and summer.

Happy shopping! 


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