The Secret To A Warm (And Cozy!) Winter

margaret-oleary-sweater_leather-pants_jcrew-earrings_25Raise your hand if you could use at least a few dozen more sweaters in your wardrobe. All hands up, I see! I’m with you; especially since I have developed a serious aversion to being cold over the past few years. (Not that I loved it before, I just have become significantly less tolerant the older I’ve gotten.)
margaret-oleary-sweater_leather-pants_jcrew-earrings_16 margaret-oleary-sweater_leather-pants_jcrew-earrings_19I’m not sure if it’s living in Chicago (these winters are no joke) or that I’ve simply become more thin-skinned, but I literally turn into a gremlin when wind or snow strikes and I’m ill-prepared with anything less than a sleeping bag for a coat. (You know what I’m referring to, right?) I huddle under blankets, I literally shiver, and my usual chattiness reverts to an ability to spout only 4 words: “It’s so f&#*$^g cold.” Charming, yea?

Anyways, sweaters. I’m actually very picky when it comes to them.  This is likely because there has been a time or two when I’ve suffered through dreaded cases of “the attack of the itch” where I’ve worn sweaters that make me act as if I’m on a cocoon of mosquitos.  Wool is primarily the culprit, but it can happen with any fabric, really. Needless to say, comfort has become vitally important in my sweater game. Pair that with a cold aversion and you’ve got yourself…well, someone who loves sweaters but places extreme importance on having the right sweaters.

Insert: Margaret O’Leary. I was introduced to the brand not long ago and can’t recommend the clothing line more. Margaret is an Ireland-born clothing designer who now lives in San Francisco, and has created a knitwear line that is worn by the likes of Hallie Berry, Madonna and Kate Hudson. And me, too. (That’s me pretending I’m somehow on the same level as Madonna, and you rolling your eyes at my cheesiness.) Her sweaters are comfortable and cozy all while being stylish, which for a picky sweater freak like me is the ideal combination.

margaret-oleary-sweater_leather-pants_jcrew-earrings_14In these photos I’m wearing the Directional Rib Pullover, which you’ve also seen me wear here, here and here!  I adore the light blush color, which is quickly becoming my favorite shade to wear. I completed the outfit with faux leather pants, black tie-up flats and my Vera Bradley Canyon Totemargaret-oleary-sweater_leather-pants_jcrew-earrings_10 margaret-oleary-sweater_leather-pants_jcrew-earrings_3

*This post was done in partnership with Margaret O’Leary, however all opinions are my own. Huge thanks to her team! 

**Big thanks also to Maya, who took these photos! 


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