Little Makeup Tricks For Gorgeous Daytime Eyes

Want to know the best thing to say to a pregnant woman? “You’re glowing!”

Fortunately, I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, and while I certainly do believe that my happy and filled-with-anticipation mental state has something to do with it, I also know that a pretty glow has a lot to do with more tangible factors. For me, that starts with natural-looking makeup for gorgeous daytime eyes.

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The truth is that I’ve recently learned a few tricks on achieving an impeccable au naturel look with the help of Hi Lovely, and I’ve been working on perfecting them over the past few weeks. I sat down with them as we chatted about getting the perfect daytime look for eyes, and I was happy to come away with a few new tips & tricks that have truly helped me to get a more pulled together look lately.IMG_6211

Here are a few little secrets that I’ve been practicing to bring a little more “pop” to my pupils!

1. Choose colors that are soft and subtle. Brown and copper eyes are super in for Spring right now. You can’t go wrong sticking to the classics. If you’re opting for a brighter color, make sure that you’re light-handed in application to keep the look natural with an added pop.

Recently I have been using a light brown on my lids, followed by a soft navy blue liner (Sapphire by Chantecaille is so pretty when applied softly), which is then completed by mascara (Dior is my jam). I love this combination because it really brings out the blue in my eyes while still being subtle and light.

2. When using your fingers to apply, use a gentle hand to tap color onto the desired area. Pulling side to side with fingers can weaken the skin’s elasticity. Generally, as long as you’re using a gentle hand you’ll be okay.

3. With either an eyeliner or a dark shadow, gently line the outside of the eyes starting at the corner and ending at the halfway point. Bringing the liner or shadow all the way in to the corner of the eye can make it look a little smaller. Applying liner or shadow on the outer corners will enhance your eye’s shape without closing it off. Blend that color out so there are no harsh ends. For an added pop, choose a color that will enhance your eyes’ natural tone. Blues, browns, purples, and greens are great and can be blended out for a subtle daytime vibe.

4. Pull a nude-colored liner through your waterline to make your eyes look a little wider and more awake. Avoid using a white pencil so it doesn’t make your eyes look yellow in comparison. I also love to use the light shimmer color in the Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Brick for this to give my eyes a little more brightness!

I had an entire notepad of paper filled with notes after our chat, so trust me, there’s a lot more great advice where that came from. Swing by their site to book a digital sit-down of your own!Hi Lovely_How to apply makeup-1

* This post was sponsored by Hi Lovely, however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with Isn’t That Charming!


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