A Guaranteed Way To Make The Hostess Smile

Yesterday we discussed how to get ready for all those holiday parties in a flash while still looking like a million bucks. Today, we’re diving into what to bring when you show up to said holiday parties. Sure, the standard wine bottle or candle is always welcomed, but if you really want to bring a smile, I’ve got the ultimate suggestion for you.
Grab a variety pack of LaCroix sparkling water, ring that doorbell promptly, and listen as your host answers with a squeal of excitement.

Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love LaCroix?! Literally no one. It’s physically impossible to dislike this drink; proven fact, on account of my case study of everyone I’ve ever broached the subject with. The refreshing bubbles, the flavors, the ability to drink it on its own or mixed, the hydration. It’s perfection.

Not only will your hostess gift bring a smile, but it’ll be the hit of the party. I promise, people will flock. Everyone will be like, “OMG who is the genius that brought the LaCroix?!” And you’ll be all smug in the corner like, “Oh, haha, that variety pack? It was me! I didn’t realize it’d be such a hit!” Even though you did. You totally did, you sneaky, sparkling-water-loving she devil.  ….But wait. I’m not done yet. There are bonus points to be had.

Bring a little holiday garnish to put into glasses, and YOU WILL BLOW MINDS. Literally. You’ll walk up to that-random-acquaintance-who-you-can’t-remember-the-name-of with a cute bubbly glass adorned with greenery, and she’ll stare you dead in the eyes and ask, “Did we just become best friends?” Your answer will be yes, of course, because you are polite. And you’ll sip your refreshing drink with yet another smug smile, knowing you’ve won at life.

So really it boils down to this: Arrive without LaCroix and be the standard guest. Arrive with LaCroix, and become the party’s favorite person. The fate of your popularity is up to you from this point forward. I wish you luck, my friends.

*This post was done in partnership with LaCroix Sparkling Water, however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help to support Isn’t That Charming! 


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