Jaded. In All The Right Ways.

Are you a karma person? Do you believe in good luck? I am, and I do. As lofty as it sounds, I firmly believe that the mind and positive energies have way more of an effect than we give them credit for.

Though I have Irish roots and of course am wearing green today, there’s one item that I have on constant rotation that is a part of a culture I am fairly foreign to, but deeply respect. I figured that a day where green is on the minds of people everywhere would be the perfect time to tell you about a green jewelry item of mine that is one of my favorite pieces. It has depth, meaning, and lots of good vibes. It’s my jade bangle.

Jade Bracelet, meaning of jade bracelet

I never knew about jade prior to my mom bringing back my bangle after a trip to Asia years back. She noted that the stone is a large part of Chinese culture, and that she kept seeing it being worn by people everywhere she went. Apparently, the more you wear it, the more the stone acts as a personal energy portal. If you’re healthy and happy, the stone becomes more beautiful as you wear it.

The belief is that jade acts as purification for the person wearing it. It promotes feeling centered, nurtured and balanced, while healing the mind/body and elevating a youthful spirit and increasing self-reliance. It’s a “stone of the heart” and attracts love of all kinds.

Jade is also a powerful source of good luck – It’s considered great luck to receive jade, and it’s also considered great luck to give it. {Thanks, Mom! You win all around with this gift.} As a protectant, there are many stories of people wearing jade who have been in scary accidents in which their bracelet was the only thing to break. Cool, huh?

Tips for wearing black on black

I have to say, whenever I wear my bangle, I do feel a sense of calm. I’m not sure if it’s the actual stone or perhaps my mind believing in the stone, but then again, does it really matter? It’s the same result either way, which has made me an avid jade believer.

If you’re looking for a jade bangle of your own {or to give as a gift}, this one is classic & beautiful! There are also a lot of gorgeous options on Etsy, including this & this, which I’m swooning over.



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