It’s Good To Be A Girl

anthropologie-floral-dress_vera-bradley-brown-leather-purse-3I’m fortunate to be surrounded by strong women in my life. From work to family and friends, there are countless people who I admire and look up to for their strength, intelligence and character. 

Beyond those who I know personally, when I think about being a female in today’s world, I am proud. More and more, we’re vocal about issues, stand up for ourselves, aren’t afraid to tell our narrative, and prioritize relationships while not being afraid to take “me time”. You can have it all; family, career, and friendship. It’s good to be a girl.anthropologie-floral-dress_vera-bradley-brown-leather-purse-11This pride is amplified when I think about my daughter and the woman I aim to raise her to be. Where yesteryear’s gender roles often meant pre-defined boxes for women, society has made important strides in equality.

As Grace grows up and becomes her own individual, may she embrace the wonderful ability to be a versatile female today. I hope she grows up with confidence, yet exudes empathy in her interactions. That she isn’t afraid to get dirt on her hands, but revels in the joy of twirling in a fabulous dress. I imagine cheering her on as she plays ball with the boys, while laughing with her close girlfriends as she recognizes the importance of having strong female relationships in her life. No matter what dreams lie in her mind — whether it be to become an astronaut, mathematician, political, artist or fashion designer — I hope she goes after them with full knowledge that she can do it. anthropologie-floral-dress_vera-bradley-brown-leather-purse-15 anthropologie-floral-dress_vera-bradley-brown-leather-purse-10All this is why, as someone who works in marketing full time, I respect when brands stand for female empowerment. Vera Bradley recently launched a new branding call – “It’s good to be a girl” – which takes the stance that being female is an advantage. They’re calling for women to talk openly and loudly about the reasons why womanhood should be celebrated, and I’m so excited to join in that conversation!

Today, I am taking over the Vera Bradley Instagram account, showcasing my favorite spots in Chicago and talking about why #itsgoodtobeagirl while living in the city. From highlighting my favorite place to spend time with family on the weekends — Lincoln Park — to my favorite view along the water — Montrose Beach — I’m excited to take you on a journey to the places that’ve helped to make this city feel like home. 

I’d love for you to follow along, and continue to embrace the momentum that the brand has started! A huge thanks to the Vera Bradley team, who are always so generous and wonderful to work with. 
anthropologie-floral-dress_vera-bradley-brown-leather-purse_2Looking to shop this outfit? The Vera purse I’m wearing can be found here, and the dress can be found here. (It’s a magical, can’t-stop-twirling-in-it find that is hands down the best maxi of the season!)

Be sure to keep checking in for more outfits that were featured in the takeover – they’ll be linked for shopping here in the coming weeks!


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