The Biggest Secret To Being an Unforgettable Blogger

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about How To Make Yourself Unforgettable, and how to apply those tactics to this blog and the posts created for it. Let’s face it – lifestyle blogs are a dime a dozen, and making yours stand out from the masses is vital for progress.

In this reflection, I’ve come up with my answer, which I’m excited to share with you so that it may help you as well. (Not a blogger? This post applies to many areas of life, so take from it what you need!)

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Being unforgettable means standing apart from the rest. It’s giving people a reason to remember to, to keep coming back, and to keep you at the top of mind.

I’ve been blogging at Isn’t That Charming for over two years and through it all, I’ve learned a lot about what content has legs and what doesn’t. This type of lesson can be taught, sure, but it’s really learned best when practiced through trial and error, because every blog and audience is different. (On that note, if you ever want a chuckle, flip through my archives. Some of the posts are equal parts embarrassing and endearing. I just had no idea what I was doing.)

It also helps that I create for a living as a marketer, which has brought more lessons than I could possibly summarize for you.

The point is that through all these experiences, I’ve noticed a common trend with what does well and what doesn’t in relation to content. I’ve uncovered a not-so-secret secret that seems so easy in theory but can be so hard when practically applied.How to style a jean vestIt’s all about storytelling. Whether through an image, words or conveyed through a unique tone of voice, storytelling is the key to great content that people want to read and take in.

Don’t mistake storytelling for a long, drawn out post though. A story can be told through a sentence, a paragraph, and even an Instagram image. It infuses a little bit of drama, spices up the ordinary, and encourages interaction. It is compelling, not just because it’s fun to take in, but because storytelling sits at the foundation of human interaction.

Which leads me to my next hidden secret. It can’t be just any story, or one told in a mundane way. To be effective, the story must do one thing. It must make a difference. 
Jean vest and scarf The difference made is varied depending on what you’re doing. It can be teaching the reader something, an inspiring quote that for even a second was uplifting, making the reader laugh or think about a topic, or sharing something never seen before from the web. It can even be found in photography, like the photos in this post, which tell the story of a happy spring day in which I paired a jean vest, scarf (Similar here & here), dress (similar here & here), and vintage earrings to channel the light breeze. A simple story, yes, but one that perhaps inspires you to pair a similar outfit in a similar way.

It seems so easy, but in reality, storytelling can be hard work. It takes constant, careful thought and practice to find an interesting angle or way to approach a subject, particularly in a space that is bombarded with new content on a daily basis. This is the hard part of blogging. But, to me, it’s also the most fun, because when you hit the nail on the head and see your ideas come to fruition in a way that resonates with people, there’s no better feeling in the world.
Anthropologie_Street Style_Best chicago bloggers_Isnt That Charming_Pregnancy Style-12So, how do you stay on your game with telling great stories that make a difference? It all goes back to being unforgettable. The pieces of advice ring so true with blogging and content creation. You need to always be thinking about how to approach a subject in a different way. Listen. Follow up. Take the lead. Choose language that’s colorful. Create some drama. Don’t be afraid to take a stance.

Then, and only then, will your content be unforgettable. Which is a lesson I’m only just beginning to explore, and one I continually strive to work on every day.How to style a jean vestWhat other pieces of advice do you have for telling great stories, or finding that sweet spot to focus on that’ll make a difference for readers?

Photos by Maya McDonald


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10 thoughts on “The Biggest Secret To Being an Unforgettable Blogger

  1. Karly

    This is a fantastic post! Storytelling is so important and something all us bloggers probably need to strive for more often.

  2. Danielle

    This is great advice. I recently started blogging and have been reflecting a lot on how to make a difference in my readers’ lives like you said. It’s definitely not easy to constantly create content that resonates but you’ve inspired me to keep at it 🙂

  3. Kelly in the City

    This ranks up there in my all-time favorite blog posts, Emily! You are absolutely fabulous–and you hit the nail on the head with the storytelling. Thanks for sharing this. I know I’ll remember this for a long, long time.

    And this photos are stunning!! (Holler, Maya!)


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