How Many Kids Do You Hope To Have?

It’s a question we get all the time. And one where, depending on if you ask Doug or I, we have different answers.

When Kelly and I decided to tackle this question for our motherhood series, I laughed a little to myself. Partly because people think I’m a little crazy when I give my answer, and partly because, I don’t know, perhaps I am a little bit. First, let me back up for a minute. (Sorry to leave you hanging!)

Doug and I both grew up in fairly big families. He has two sisters and a brother, and I have one brother, three step-brothers, and two step-sisters. Net, net: We’re used to siblings everywhere.

Growing up, I loved having a big family, despite it having its chaotic moments. There was always someone to hog the remote hang out with, family dinners or vacations were filled with personality, and though our poor parents were outnumbered, they never seemed to mind. Our homes were messy, that’s for sure, but ultimately they were filled with a lot of love.

I want all that for my girls. Lots of siblings, and yes a little bit of chaos, but chaos of the good sort.
Okay, enough background. Here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for. I’d love to have between four and six kids.

Do you think I’m crazy? Doug certainly does! He’s more in the camp of three, which means we’ll likely try for at least one more down the road, and we’ll see where things take us after that. (I have a feeling my tune may change if a third enters into the mix and we’re officially outnumbered.) He tends to be the more rational-minded of the two of us – thinking about finances and logistics – where I tend to just roll with it and think more of the emotional benefits – things like excited Christmas mornings and pancakes on Saturdays. We’ll find a happy medium, I’m sure!

One thing is for certain, even if we stopped right now, I’d feel happy. I love our little girls so crazy, unconditionally much; our family would feel complete to me even if we remained a fabulous foursome with Grace and Josephine. I know we’re beyond lucky to have the family that we do!

….But really, how much fun would four be?! 😉

Be sure to swing by Kelly’s post to read her answer! I know I glow about them all the time, but she, Mitch and Emma are the cutest family.

Now, it’s your turn! How many kids do you want? Do you prefer a household with one, maybe two? Perhaps none! Or are you like me and dream of many? It’s such a personal question – I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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42 thoughts on “How Many Kids Do You Hope To Have?

    1. Paige

      I am the middle of 3, growing up I always said I wanted 4. My dad was one of 8, and I have a lot of cousins. I also like the idea of a BIG family. My husband and I currently have a almost 20 month old , adorable, sweet and WILD boy. I love his wild, non stop, energetic personality, ( I can already tell he will be the class clown) although he is a lot harder than I anticipated my kids to be. (I’m a 1st grade teacher, I thought I could handle it!) It’s unfortunate the finances, extremely energetic boy, the working mom life, ect. now make me think that we should only have 2. Would I still be a good mom if we had 3, 4? Would we have enough money to provide them with the lifestyle we imagine? ? I think if my next baby is a lot easier, I will say 3. I hope so. 3 seems complete.

  1. Chelsea

    Oh my goodness. I couldn’t relate more to this post. We have one daughter now (who is 9 months old) and I have always wanted four kids. I just think it would be so fun down the road and when they are older to have all of those siblings. My husband is pretty set on three or less. Of course, we are both incredibly thankful to have one sweet baby. We know how lucky we are to be parents and any number of kids would be amazing. We will have to see where life takes us!

  2. Nadia

    I was one of 2 daughters….And I now myself have 2 girls (3 and 1). We are at that stage where we talk about “do we want more” at least every other week and I think personally, I’d have a 3rd in a heartbeat! But my husband is too logical/financial/planning and says 2 is enough (he comes from a family of 4 kids and his twin brother just had their 4th!). I guess we shall see 🙂

  3. mel

    I’ve always wished I grew up in a big family! You guys are totally lucky to have experienced that. I never thought about whether it would inform my future family size choices though. This definitely has me thinking! Thanks so much for sharing this! Your family images are so beautiful!

    xx, mel

  4. Alyssa

    Your kids are really adorable!! 🙂 Kids are cute, fun and lovable, but personally, I’m not planning to have any. I just don’t see motherhood for me. People say I’ll change my mind. But it’s been years and my mind hasn’t changed.

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  5. Britney Crawley

    I still love this series and this is such a fun question. I did a lot of babysitting and nannying for families of various sizes-
    from 1 kid to 7 kids and every number in between. I’ve also been friends with other people who are either only children or have tons of siblings. I think that’s a decent way to get a feel for how many kids we’d like. My husband and I each have two siblings. From all my babysitting and nanny experience, I decided that 2 seems like the perfect number to me. I always had the most fun caring for families with 2 kids because things never got too crazy. Parents can play man-to-man, there’s no need to upgrade to a larger vehicle, everyone gets a good amount of love and attention, we’ll have a better opportunity of helping pay for college, and it just overall seems more manageable. But, who really knows. We’re expecting our first right now, and God might have different plans than we do!

  6. Eda Semana

    I come from a huge family of 8, me being the youngest and only girl. Big families are so much fun, but they definitely have their downs, haha. Personally I think I would want 2 kids and ideally it would be one boy and one girl in a perfect world! Your family is so gorgeous and I hope it gets bigger from here <3
    xo, Eda

  7. S

    Okay your babies is the cutest!!! Those shirts is so perfect!!!
    It’s a great question to have on how many kids you plan on having…for us, we thought of one and god blessed us with two…twins! Twice the fun.
    Grey Canvas

  8. Siffat

    It’s a little early for me to even think about kids, but I don’t think I’d have more than 2. But o side with Doug (lol), I grew up in a house with two younger brothers, and the three of us are SO close. I feel like with smaller families, you have the opportunity to get close to each sibling individually and nurture a bond between all of you as well, like a little wolf pack!

  9. Kim

    I loved reading this! I come from a small family (most of which are back in Vietnam) so I want to be able to create a large family in the U.S. Who knows if I am physically capable, but lets hope! 🙂

    Simply Lovebirds

  10. Kailey Marie Designs

    Your post yesterday reminded me that I hadn’t read this one yet, and I loved it!! We get this question all the time and I every time I don’t know the answer. We would love to have more, but at this very moment in life-things are so hectic I can’t imagine adding to our crew! I couldn’t agree more with your comment of being completely happy and content *if* we decided to stop right now. I know if we had another we would be over the moon, but for now, my hands are full. Literally 😉 I just love these motherhood posts and look forward to reading them every week. XOXO

  11. Mary-Katherine

    I am the middle of 6 kids so I love your answer!!! You don’t hear those numbers too often and I absolutely LOVED having so many siblings (and frankly it’s even better now that we are all older!)

    My husband always says he wants 6 but he really has no clue haha, and I am hoping for 4. That would be my ideal and my thought process is this: since I grew up in a big family I’ve always wanted a “big” family of my own, and I feel like 4 kids is when you cross that threshold. My husband is one of three and he never felt like their family was “big” and he always wanted more siblings and more noise in the house and I would agree that three still seems manageable. Then you pass into 4 and it’s like whoa, we’ve got chaos here! haha!


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