Green on the Scene

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The bulk of my celebrating was done over the weekend as I meandered around the city with friends, saw the green river and sipped on a Guiness or two. Or three. Michigan State had basketball games on Saturday and Sunday, so more green was present as I cheered on my favorite team. Needless to say, green was the theme of my weekend, which I was happy about since I got to wear this adorable dress from Anthropologie. The cut reminds me of the flapper dresses that I idolize while watching Downton Abbey – a fedora & booties (recognize them from my shop?) gave it a modern and urban twist. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit chilly out there, but that just means a little more green is necessary in the Chicago scene. Leaves and budding flowers can’t come fast enough!


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13 thoughts on “Green on the Scene

  1. Alyssa

    I’m so jealous of how awesome you look in this! My roommate and I tried it on with the intention of buying and splitting it, but it looked not-so-hot on either of us. I love it on you, though!


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