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There’s something hopelessly romantic in Murad Osmann’s Instagram feed as the photographer documents the travels of he and his love Natalia. Almost every photo is taken from the perspective of Murad, who is guided by Natalia by hand to gorgeous landmarks. The over all theme is “Follow me”. Le sigh
Upon discovering this adorable duo, I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of wanderlust. With breathtaking photos of places like Austria & Barcelona, their photo journal makes me want to hop on a plane to discover new sights, sounds, and cultures with Doug. We were thinking our honeymoon would be low key to save money, but Murad & Natalia make low key seem too mundane. When there’s such a big world out there, our honeymoon is a better time than ever to just do it
I will admit, “splurge” or “save” seems a petty thought when it comes to our honeymoon. After all it’s who you’re with, not where you are, that matters. But, let’s be honest, climbing through exotic jungles is a hell of a lot more adventurous than staying on local terrain.

What’s your say? Splurge or save? If we were to splurge, our top contenders are Thailand and Bali. If we were to save, we’re thinking a road trip to the Grand Canyon would be fabulous. Any other recommendations? 


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11 thoughts on “Follow Me

  1. Suze

    When it comes to travel, my motto is always, if not now then when? So I say go for it.

    But a road trip to the Grand Canyon?! I don’t think that’s mundane at all! International travel is awesome, and I think everyone should do it at some point, but we have amazing things to see here in the US as well- and the US is such a big place! Road trips are awesome, and you could see so many things on the way. I think you will have a phenomenal time no matter which you choose.

  2. aka Bailey

    Thank you for introducing me to this feed!! These are such romantic pictures – Le sigh is right! I think you guys ought to GO for it for your honeymoon. Especially nowadays when things like HoneyFund exist and you can potentially have people help you out with the costs. You could go to the Grand Canyon for a weekend if you wanted to… you can’t do the same with Thailand 🙂

    … Not that it’s my money to spend 😉

    aka Bailey

  3. Kat asecondglance

    I LOVE this new-to-me Instagram feed! I can’t say for sure whether splurge or save is better. Depends on the couple. I see what too many people going into debt and spending beyond their means, but if Thailand/Bali is within your budget and doesn’t interfere TOO much with future goals, DO IT! We were thinking Grand Canyon for ours and if you decide to hike/take a mule down to the bottom, call early to book Phantom Ranch. My Mom, fiance and I tried to get through all morning when the phone lines opened for November 2014 bookings but kept getting dial tones. When we finally got through, they were fully booked. That being said, it’s an AMAZING experience I was lucky enough to experience with my family as a teen.

  4. ashley nicole catherine

    ahh i love this series! so we were definitely in the same boat, trying to decide how much money to spend. ultimately, we decided on yosemite & lake tahoe to save and it was worth it! we also were thinking about yellowstone and the grand canyon!


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