My Top 15 Favorite Newborn Products

Josephine, just a few days old, on her Boppy. Really can’t get over her smirk in this photo – I die!

Can I tell you how excited I am about this post? I’m excited. Really excited.

This post officially kicks off a new content series that Kelly and I will be doing together where we’ll be partnering to tackle all things motherhood on our blogs. We’ve both been wanting to dive into more personal posts of this nature, and after talking about our ideas, we had an “Ah-ha!” moment: We could tackle different topics together. I love the fact that this sets up a structured way to dive into these types of posts, and even more so, I love that by doing this our readers will get multiple view points on given topics.

But you know what I love most? The fact that I get to partner with one of my favorite people and bloggers on this. Kelly always has amazing content, and she is the best mom to sweet Emma; I can’t wait to read her motherhood posts!  It’s no secret how much I adore Kelly and her family, so I can’t wait to broach all things mommy with her!

First up: Our favorite baby products. (Note: We’re leaving off travel-related things like strollers or car seats as we hope to do bigger posts on these in the future.)

Gracie and Josephine in their matching Sammy + Nat pajamas. Love how comfortable the material is! 

With a newborn in my arms, this post topic is so timely. Especially since this isn’t my first rodeo with a baby, I’ve got some experience under my belt in terms of products. With Gracie, we pretty much purchased every baby product under the sun. Sites and stores have a way of making you feel like you need everything in order to make it as a parent, right?! Wrong. So wrong. I’ve found that you really don’t need that much, in fact, especially during the first few months.This photo is from when Gracie was 2 months old. Gotta love that Wubbanub pacifier!

With that, I’ve put together my favorite items that we use while having a newborn. These suggestions are tried and true – they were our key products used with Gracie, and they’re again coming in handy with Josephine. I will caveat this list by saying that since I’ve got all things newborn on my brain, this was written with the first 0-3 months in mind. Be sure to swing by Kelly’s blog for her suggestions!

Josephine is wearing Sammy + Nat in the above photo.

  1. Boppy Newborn Lounger – A portable pillow that is such a lifesaver when you need to put the baby down for a few minutes! Josephine takes lots of cat naps in hers; it’s amazing support for when I need to knock out a few emails during the day or tend to Grace.
  2. Aden + Anais Burp Cloths – I pretty much always have one draped over my shoulder. These are a must for feeding! I love Aden + Anais ones because they’re absorbent and soft.
  3. Sammy + Nat Clothing – Gracie wore Sammy + Nat all the time, and Josephine has a little collection going, too! I love this brand because all their clothing is made out of the softest pima cotton, and the designs are simple yet so baby chic.
  4. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier – We used this throughout Grace’s entire first year. It’s perfect for walks, trips to the playground, or even carrying babies around the house.
  5. Dohm Sound Machine – I swear it helps babies sleep more soundly, and helps to cover up noises in the house so you don’t accidentally wake them up during nap time.
  6. Bassinet – Ours is from Land of Nod and we love it. It’s great for rocking Josephine to sleep, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s super adorable, too! Grace didn’t prefer a bassinet when she was a newborn, so she slept in her crib pretty early on, but Josephine loves the bassinet. I equally love it; it’s nice having the baby in our room and not having to go to a separate room to feed in the middle of the night.
  7. Medela Breast Pump – Ohh the relief this pump has provided me in the first few weeks of breast feeding! It’s also nice to be able to save & freeze breast milk for later. Liquid gold!
  8. Glider – For late nights and long feedings, a comfortable glider is a must. We have one that reclines and it’s a dream.
  9. Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator – …For sucking their boogers out. Ha. Sounds gross, and it kind of is, but it helps them breathe so much better if they have a cold so whatever!
  10. Unisex Diaper Bag – Poor Doug got stuck carrying around bags that were very feminine (we’re talking bright, bold florals) at first when Grace was born, after which he politely asked me to please get a bag that he could carry without turning bright red. Fair enough. We promptly got a diaper bag that was unisex, and we haven’t turned back since! Our current one is grey and similar to this one. I also love the look of this one and this one, and how fun is this faux leather backpack option?!
  11. Activity Mats – Great for tummy time!
  12. Little Giraffe Blanket – To this day, Gracie’s “blankey” is a Little Giraffe blanket, which is what we would use on her during the day when it was chilly. We’ve used this for Josephine, too. These blankets are so soft and cuddly; I love the satin lining!
  13. Wubbanub Pacifier – Babies love pacifiers, but they also love spitting them out. After multiple ground and car seat searches for lost pacifiers, we got a Wubbanub, which saves the pacifier from going who knows where. This is one of those products where you question, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Genius.
  14. Swaddles with velcro – I’m always nervous that the baby will kick out of a blanket swaddle and leave a loose blanket, so I love the options with velcro to help secure the swaddle in place. I also love that the baby’s legs are a bit more free than in a wrapped swaddle! Josephine wears this every night and has been sleeping very well.
  15. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – I might as well be a spokesperson for this product because I tell everyone about it. This is a swaddle transition suit that is seriously magic. Grace started using this once she weighed 12 pounds, which was around 2 months for her, and we plan on having Josephine in it too! Babies sleep so soundly in it; I swear it helped to teach Grace how to sleep like a champ!

Shop my product suggestions below, and don’t forget to swing by Kelly’s post for more suggestions!

Kelly and I made a master list of questions we’ve received from readers and topics to discuss for future post topics, but if you have ideas in mind, we’re all ears! Shoot us an email or leave suggestions in the comments below.

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