Dressing The After-Baby Bump

After 40 weeks of creating and carrying a baby, you’d think that mother nature would throw a bone to fellow mothers and delete the post-delivery belly from the equation. But, alas, here we are. Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-1 Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-9On Grace’s birth day, I looked down and thought, “Oh dear Lord. Will this thing ever go away?” It felt different – like a half-inflated balloon – but it honestly didn’t look much smaller. I’m not sure what I was expecting, to be honest. I knew a post-delivery belly was imminent, but I just don’t think I was mentally prepared for it to happen. Why wouldn’t a belly that took nearly 10 months to grow deflate in hours?! It’s possible, right? Crazier things have happened. People have gotten struck by lightening twice!

Patience has never been a great virtue of mine.  Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-2 Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-4In mother nature’s defense: My post-baby belly is going down by the day. I hear breast feeding is a huge part of that, which I can certainly see proving itself true, because every day it’s getting smaller. {Fun fact: Did you know that when you breast feed, your body releases a chemical called oxytocin that produces mini contractions in the uterus, helping it to downsize? It’s magic!} However, in the wait for my still-there belly to keep decreasing in size, dressing has been a bit challenging.

You see, maternity wear is now too big, but my normal clothes are too small. The solution? Loose, flowy items like this dress from Loft that’s a perfect look for summer, is beyond comfortable, and does a great job at making that belly of mine barely noticeable. Not that I’m hiding it, I actually think it’s quite beautiful and a reminder that my body has accomplished something miraculous, but let’s be honest, no one wants it long term, no matter what miracle has taken place.

I’m particularly fond of this dress’s off the shoulder neckline, and the fact that it’s ideal for now and later when that belly is (hopefully) gone.  The boho look has always been a favorite of mine, so this was a clear choice. When paired with turquoise accents, I was finally feeling like myself during this sunny outing with Doug and Gracie.

Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-5 Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-7 Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-8 Ann Taylor Boho Dress_Off The sholder Summer Dress-10Looking for gorgeous boho summer dresses of your own? Shop this look and other great picks below!


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7 thoughts on “Dressing The After-Baby Bump

  1. jillian

    you look beautiful! the bump will go down before you know it (and your belly button will eventually look normal i promise!) xoxo


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