DIY Paper Initial Decor

With my bachelorette party last weekend, I crafted up a surprise for my friends who came. Girls traveled from all over — New York, Maryland, Chicago and Detroit — and I wanted them to know how much their efforts were appreciated. What better way than with personalized decor initials for them to use in their home?

I headed to Paper Source to get ornate paper & craft letters, then whipped up the initials one by one. It’s a really easy and fun DIY to do, although admittedly with a quantity of 18 it was pretty time consuming. But, how great did they turn out?! I was so excited to give them to my girlfriends and was even more excited when they loved them.

Directions after the jump!

– Ornate Paper
– Craft Letters
– Mod Podge (Matte Finish)
– Ruler & Scissors

1. Plan out your designs with each letter and its respective paper. You will need two paper types per letter.
2. Trace the letter, front and back, onto its designated paper and cut it out. Measure the width of the letter’s exterior (Mine were all 1 inch) and cut out a long strip to line the outside of the letters.
3. Use the Mod Podge to place the exterior paper first…
4. …Followed by the front and back facing sides of the letter.
5. After all the paper has been placed, use Mod Podge to overlay the entire letter with glue. Don’t worry, it will dry clear.
6. Set the letter out to dry & use in decor as you see fit!

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11 thoughts on “DIY Paper Initial Decor

  1. Alyssa

    What a sweet idea, Emily! They turned out so cute, and I’m sure the girls loved them. Paper Source is seriously addicting–I always spend so much money in there!


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