Belly Rock + A Thank You

I’ve recently realized a major benefit to being a blogger. Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-4

…It’s the pictures, guys. The pictures and the posts. They speak more than 1,000 words.

When I first got pregnant, I remember having grand plans for documenting every stage. “A photo a day, that’s easy!” I thought. You know, like those people who put together a cool video at the end to recap it all? I wanted to do that. I may or may not have even wanted to involve a singing Doug, in which the suggestion may or may not have resulted in deserved laughter at his wife.

My delusions are a story for another time.

Want to know how long my grand documentation plan lasted for? One day. (Seriously, besides the random bathroom selfies texted to friends checking in that I dare not show you, there’s one single “Here’s my bump traction!” photo from yours truly.)

Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style_Target shopping-1 Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style_Target shopping-3 Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-1As I reach the end of my pregnancy, I began to wonder if I’ve epically failed at this whole documentation-of-a-new-mom-to-be thing. Sure, life has been really busy, but there are apps for this purpose, for crying out loud. Have I really failed at one of the most simple of tasks of a new mom? Doesn’t everyone do it nowadays?
Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-8 Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-9 Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-10

That’s when Isn’t That Charming came to the rescue. By means of blogging, I’ve unknowingly kept a mini-diary of my pregnancy.

Looking back on my pregnancy posts is already pretty cool. It’s fun to reflect on the newness of the announcement. I laugh when I read about my excitement of a “belly”, which in hindsight looks like I ate a big donut. (If only I could have fast forwarded to see my belly now!) It’s also great to have special moments like our gender reveal and third trimester thoughts written down.

…And for all of this, I want to say thank you. Thank you to ITC readers for following along and for being the motivation behind continuing to write, post, and document bits and pieces of my life. Without you, I wouldn’t have all these reflections of a very special time, including fun style documentations of a growing belly like this or this.

I know now that one day I’ll look back on even this post and smile. I may not have documented day by day, but luckily I’ve got more than a handful of moments captured and written via this blog, and that is truly more than enough. <3

(Unrelated side note: Just in case you noticed that I forgot to wear my wedding ring in these photos, I feel the need to point out that pregnancy brain is a very real thing.)

Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-7Black jumpsuit_Pregnancy Style-5Curious about the ensemble? Only one item (the top) is maternity. I paired track pants with a simple maternity tank (I adore this one from Gap) then completed the look with gladiator sandals (only $23!) and an aztec-inspired statement necklace. It was a fun way to channel the ever-popular jumpsuit look right now without needing to grab a maternity-specific option. Shop the loop below!

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Photos via Maya McDonald


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7 thoughts on “Belly Rock + A Thank You

  1. jillian

    you look great! and dont worry about documenting every day of the pregnancy. you have some beautiful photos and posts you can look back on 🙂 i try to take a photo of violet every day and i love it bc its so fun to see how she is changing! xo jillian

  2. Kailey

    OHMYGOSH, Em! You look absolutely beautiful in these photos. Love the whole outfit…and aren’t those GAP tanks the best?! 😉 Can’t wait to meet the little miss! XOXO


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