The Rumors Are True.

Today is all about confirming something for you. The rumors are true. They’re all 100% true.

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When it comes to weather, Chicago is, by far, the windiest of cities. Upon first moving here (it was summer) I thought, “Come on how bad can it really be?” when I heard people grumbling about the city’s awful winters and long, moody springs. To be frank, I even found the mumbles a bit annoying. It seemed like everyone talked about the weather here ALL THE TIME. Growing up in Michigan and being used to cold, snowy months, I just didn’t get it.

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That was, until I experienced it. We’re not talking your average winters here, people. We’re talking about it being so-cold-you-can’t-feel-your-lungs. We’re talking upturned umbrellas and people having fist fights with the wind on every street corner, which admittedly is pretty entertaining, given you’re not the one throwing fists. Then it’s just awkward and hella-embarrassing. We’re talking snow drifts in late April, which is exactly what happened on the day that these photos were taken.

Yup, snow. In April. I vaguely remember last year it even happening beginning of May. I can’t be too sure because I’ve permanently blocked the memory from my brain.

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And, so, here I am. Being “that person” that I used to roll my eyes at, talking yet again about the weather.

Luckily there’s layers, which is exactly how one dresses through these awkward yo-yo months. Layers, and comfortable pairings like pleather pants (a must for pregnant and non-pregnant women), a white blouse (I also love this chambray maternity option), classic trench coat (Only $57!), a Henri Bendel purse (this snake skin satchel is everything), vintage earrings, and springtime flats (the ones I’m wearing are past season but this pair is so adorable!), because where there’s a will there’s a way. If I dress for warmer temperatures, they’ll come. That’s how it works, right? It must be, because later that day, the sun came out and I didn’t even need my coat.

See what I mean? Chicago is the windiest, moodiest city. But still the best in the world.

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Thanks to Maya for the photos!


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