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Block37_Best Chicago shopping_Things to do in ChicagoIsnt That Charming_Top Chicago Fashion Blogger_Pleated skirtHAULT EVERYTHING because I’ve got the most fun collaboration with Block 37 that I’m so excited for you to check out! I recently teamed up with Jess, Lauren, Ashley and the Windy City Blogger Collective for an illustrated guide of our favorite downtown shopping destinations.Isnt That Charming_Chicago Fashion Blogger

I’ve been living in Chicago for nearly 7 years, and I never seem to get over the excitement of looking out among the skyscrapers at a city that has so much to offer. Downtown always has something going on – from concerts in the park to museums – and shopping is no exception.

One of the coolest things about working downtown is being able to swing by places like Block 37 on the regular. Places like that – a culmination of your go-to stores – are dangerous in the best way possible.

I have a feeling readers know the drill well. On the way home, you find yourself making a detour. You don’t even remember how you got there, but suddenly you’re perusing your favorite store’s racks. Just to see what’s out there, of course, definitely not to buy anything! Then – surprise – you have a new dress! And a fabulous paid of shoes. Perhaps some great sunglasses for spring. You may even come to and be eating a cupcake. If you’re like me, you will pair that cupcake with a box of cupcakes, because let’s be honest, one is never enough. Magnolia Bakery_Best cupcakes in Chicago Magnolia Bakery_Block 37 Shopping Mall Turquoise Ring

Guys, the amount of times the above scenario has happened to me can be counted on at least 40 hands. So trust me when I say that the suggestions in this downtown guide are very well vetted! Plus, with adorable illustrations to match and all the recos of my favorite blogging buddies included, it’s one that I can’t wait to return to again and again this spring & summer. Be sure to check it out, and of course, happy shopping! 

Top-things-to-do-in-ChicagoBlock 37 Shopping Mall in Chicago

A huge thanks to Ali Stone for the photos! 


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