All About Those Good Vibes

Blank NYC Distressed JeansWe’ve been in Michigan this past week, staying with our parents and enjoying the extra hands to help with Gracie and Josephine. Mornings have been met with open arms of grandparents, eager to take the kiddos off our hands, which we certainly welcome in exchange for some needed shut eye. In fact, I got a 4 hour stretch of sleep last night; I feel like a new woman!

What’s not new? These distressed jeans from Blank NYC. They’re hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made…ever? Okay, not ever, but they’re definitely on my list of applaud-worthy finds. Comfortable, laid back, stylish, look good dressed up or down – they have the makings of favorites. Added bonus: their stretch allows them to fit me post-pregnancy; they’re the only jeans that do right now! So they’ve been on repeat lately, which is a-okay in my book because, honestly, I feel good in them. It’s no wonder they’re titled “Good vibes”.

Speaking of good vibes, check out the last photo in this post. Can you spot my new friend in the background? As a believer in signs, I took it as mother nature telling me, “You’re doing good, kiddo. Hang in there.” Being a new mom can be tough at times, but you know what? I am actually really enjoying having a newborn. I mentioned it in this post, but it’s such a special time of Josephine’s life, and it goes by so fast. Remembering that the tough moments are fleeting has been helpful to cope with late nights and early mornings. I keep staring at my little, sweet, growing-by-the-day bean and thinking, “Gosh, what a miracle.” Good vibes, ‘yall. 

One thing’s for sure: I’ll be keeping these positive thoughts with me when we return to Chicago on Sunday. Starting Monday I kick off a week of being with the girls solo during the day as Doug returns to work and our parents stay in Michigan. I’m ready. (Er…I think?)

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