Top 15 Best Necklaces for Layering

A big part of style is how you accessorize, and one of my favorite ways to bring that aspect to life is through jewelry. Specifically necklaces, I love layering my favorites together to create a look that’s all my own! Layered necklaces, pregnancy styleA few of my personal favorites are the bar pendant (LOVE this coordinates option) and alpha pendant. In terms of personalized layers, I have a triangle “C” that I layer with my “E” alpha pendant necklace all the time. I also have a circle alpha necklace engraved with a “G” that I wore for Grace’s baptism, and frequently add into my “layering loop”. You’ll note I prefer to layer with gold, though I do think silver necklaces are beautiful as well!

My favorite brand for finding layered necklaces is Gorjana — their pieces are so simple, delicate and high quality, yet always cost effective. This Cayne Crescent Necklace is hugely popular right now, and for good reason: it’s beautiful on its own but also layers like a champ! I have also found that Madewell has great options for layering for the same reasons; their necklaces tend to be less delicate per say, and more hip.

Shop my top 15 picks below!


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