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Who needs soap suds? It’s scary, I know, but the truth is that your daily routine may benefit from throwing away your standard facial cleanser and going au natural with oil.

After hearing of benefits ranging from hydration to avoiding skin irritants like fragrances, I was intrigued at just how effective this route could be. Intrigued, yet cautious. If oil cleansing was that effective, why is all the chatter just now catching on? (Or, was it just that I never noticed it?)

If it wasn’t the chatter that convinced me to look into it, it was definitely the glowing skin of those who rave about the method. From celebrities to bloggers, those who “swear by it” are growing by the day. So, I’ve done a little digging on the topic. What I found has officially pushed me over the edge, from “Cautiously Intrigued” to “Definitely trying this.” Here’s what I found.

Studs Can Dry You Out
Have you ever washed your face and felt your skin revert to a tight, dry, uncomfortable state in which even lotion doesn’t seem to help? That’s the result of drying products. Because water doesn’t get rid of oil, many cleansers are activated by chemicals that strip the skin in the name of clearer skin. What really happens is the opposite – because your skin has lost its natural (necessary!) oils, it overcompensates and produces more oil than it needs, creating a new palette that is more greasy than glamorous.

Oil Dissolves Oil
Let’s be honest, for those of us battling acne far beyond our teen years (Ahem…me) fighting oil with oil sounds ridiculous. But the truth is that, just as two negatives make positive, oil cleansing follows suit. When you cleans your face with oil, it’s drawn to impurities such as makeup, dirt, “bad oils”, and takes all those environmental agents with it when rinsed off, leaving behind glowing skin that’s clean and well balanced.

Fear Not – Oil Isn’t The Culprit
Oil is often unfairly blamed as the culprit of blemishes, blackheads and imperfections on the face. However, the true culprits are a multitude of other factors including build-ups like makeup, bacteria, hormones and even too little water. Oil itself is naturally occurring and healthy for the skin. It provides necessary hydration and protection for your body’s largest organ.

Oils Are Filled with Antioxidants
We all know what that means. Younger, healthier looking skin that has the potential to turn back years. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, D and E are only the beginning of the health benefits lying in oils such as extra virgin olive oil. They also contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents in tandem with moisturizing properties, making them a powerhouse for healthy skin. Some oils, such as avocado oil, even naturally increase collagen production, decreasing the effects of aging.

It’s DIY Friendly
The most common at-home creation is a mixture of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Other oils, such as jojoba, grape seed and sunflower, may be added in as necessary as well.

A 50/50 blend of castor oil to extra virgin olive oil is recommended to start, but you should tweak your ratio as you discover what works best for you. Often, acne-prone skin types find that a 75/25 ratio of castor oil to extra virgin olive oil works best, while the reverse order is ideal for naturally dry skin. If castor oil isn’t preferred (it’s been slightly debated because of un-sustainable growing practices), jojoba oil or hazelnut oil work well also.

To apply, splash your face with water (you want enough for lubrication but not too much so that the oil doesn’t absorb) and gently massage a dime-to-quarter sized amount of your oil mixture in. Place a damp washcloth over your face and let the cloth soak up the oils until it cools. Repeat if necessary.

Word On The Street Says These Rock
Though I’ve yet to really dive into this beauty craze, I can’t wait to try it. Here are a few I’ve seen recommended!

…Now that I’m convinced, what’s your verdict? Will you be trying the latest beauty craze? Have you tried oil cleansing, and has it worked for you? Any recommended products? Give me the scoop in the comments!


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